Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Cover: Fire of the Heart

Well, here it is, my latest cover for my next release! How awesome is it?! When's it coming out? October the 15th! Competition to follow soon so stay tuned...

Oh and here's the blurb, too!

Fire of the Heart is the fourth installment in the Pembroke Eve Chronicles and takes place a few weeks after the Spring Dance.

Jacob, Callum and Zane are packing up for the night in the Food Emporium, when Mr. Barnaby bursts in proclaiming Aloysius is missing. Where could a twenty foot dragon have disappeared to in a small town like Pembroke Eve? And what’s more, when Jacob and the gang go to investigate, they are sucked into a wormhole that so happened to materialise right in the main street of the town. Coincidence? Hell yes!

The vortex is a one-way ticket to the dragon realm, where the problems for Jacob and his friends have only just begun. Why? Well, they’ve walked right into a time when the realm is at its greatest unrest, their leader, Aloysius, no longer there to guide them. If only Jacob could ask Mr. Barnaby for advice. Trouble is, he’s disappeared now, too!

To top it all off, Jacob unwittingly accepts an advance by a dragon shifter warrior named, Nottolu. The warrior claims Jacob as his mate and it’s up to Callum, his fiancĂ©, to claim him back…even if it means his death.

Everything becomes a race against time. The gang must work together to find not only Aloysius and Mr. Barnaby, but to get Callum and Jacob back together, too. All before an all out war threatens to destroy everything, even the hope of ever returning to Pembroke Eve.

Can anything else go wrong? There is no doubt.


Alisha Paige said...

Oooooooooooh, Mark! This sounds so good! And what an awesome cover! Congrats!


Mark Alders said...

It is such an awesome cover, I agree. Angela is wonderful. And thanks Alisha. Sorry I haven't commented. I have been so busy with my writing schedule.



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