Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post-Surgery Recovery

Well, the cutting is over and the healing has begun. My hand is still a little sore and fingers stiff, but overall, I'd say the operation was a complete success. I can hold my hand in any position and I don't feel the horrible tingling and numbness I had before. I'm very happy about that. What I'm not happy about is the fact I'm still having trouble typing. Yes, I's only been since Wed. but I'm kind of impatient. At least today, I can type with two hands and actually use the shift key. Yesterday, no shift key pressed by the left hand at all. So, improvement. It's still hard to make a fist, so getting into a bar fight is out of the question. (wink)

There is something inherently wimpy about this recovery. It's finding out all the little things you do for yourself that you can't do very well now. Like washing my right arm. I actually had to call my hubby into the bathroom the mornig after surgery and ask him to wash my right arm for me. How weird is that? I managed to plan for going to the bathroom by myself without help, but the damn bathing of right arm, never even crossed my mind.

Today, I had planned to go to Staples and get a new keyboard. My old one is shot and this one is a Mac, I'm using on a PC. While it's working fine, it doesn't have the wrist rests that my former one did, and it's kind of hard to hit the keys. I'm finding I really have to press hard. (Probably because it's one of hubby's old keyboards and he's spilled numerous cups of coffee on it over the years.) Anyhow, when I was drying off from my shower and assessing the incision site, I got all cold sweaty and black spots and ended up on the bathroom floor screaming for Dave who was upstairs working on his website. I don't know what precipitated the near-passing out, but I thought it might be the idea of the cutting on such a tender spot, the site of the incision in conjunction with not having eaten and having only a cup of tea this morning. Dave thought it had more to do with the humid air from the shower and not being able to dry off and move around fast enough to get into fresh air. Well, that was certainly sweet of him to think I'm a bit more hearty than I am. But I know....I just can't take the sight of my own injuries.

Anyhoo...each day, I get a little better. Hopefully, but mid-week I'll be back to my regular typing schedule.

Until next week,



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