Sunday, July 4, 2010

Keyboard Problems

Time to sigh very loudly and shake my head (and fists) at technology. While hard drive or program problems might signal the end of a beloved computer's life, having the keyboard go out is like trying to write with your hands tied behind your back while facing the wrong way.

I thought the problem was the fact I needed new batteries for it. I didn't have any AAs so I just connected an old keyboard of my husbands, so my computer and viola, it worked. Now, I have to say it wasn't at all comfortably. His keyboard has no wrist rests. So, I stop this morning on the way home from work to get some batteries, put them in, I'm ready to roll.

Not so fast.

The keys are sticking. Hesitating. Some of them are not even working unless I punch them extra hard. Why? I didn't have this problem before? When it wasn't being used, I set it to the side, out of the way. It doesn't appear that it's overly filled with food and/or drink.


So, I guess I'll just have to limp along here for a while.

Oh, well... I won't need it for a few weeks anyhow. On Tuesday, I'm having surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome. Please keep me in your thoughts that everything turns out all right. I don't know if I'll be able to post next week, other than by a one-hand typing method. But I will let you how I'm doing.


Have a Happy and Safe 4th to those Roses and readers who are out celebrating today.


Tierney O'Malley said...


Goodluck on the surgery. Don't worry if you can't post next week. Just take it easy. I'm sure the rest of the members will understand.



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