Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's my day here :)

So it is my blog day but I'm so dang tired. Last night I took my daughter and her best friend to the Jonas Brother's concert. Our seats were in the crappy section and we ended up standing. A little girl about the age of 5 stood in front of me. When Demi Levato (I'm not even sure that's how to spell her name!) took the stage, the little girl turned to her mother. Tears were in the little girl's eyes as she said, "Mom! That's really her! Demi is right there!" It took me back to when my own daughter had been 5 years old when she had gone to her first concert and the joy she experienced that night was renewed watching her favorite band last night. We ended up winning VIP tickets during intermission so when the Jonas Brothers went on stage we had great seats! We didn't sit down though. We spent the night singing and dancing instead.

Other than the concert, I have two tests in law to study for and a new release coming out next week! Here is a little peak of Midnight Secrets:

Will Miguel’s whispered midnight promises ever see the light of day?Content with her job as small town waitress and roll of single mom, Allison believes she's better off without a man. In her opinion, all they bring is chaos - and that includes the father of her child. So why has Miguel’s arrival shaken her so badly? It's not easy for Allison to keep Miguel a secret with someone set on shutting down her bakery and the local sheriff believing she harbors a vendetta against the town because of her tormented past. Keeping her secrets and clearing her name just might be harder than Allison ever imagined. Content warning; This book contains cold family situations during the day and hot nights.


Even as she ran outside to her car, the temptation to dial his number remained strong. Tossing the phone on the front seat of her car, she locked the door. She would not call the man. Better to dive into her work instead, make herself so busy she wouldn’t have time to think about him.

She carried her notebook around and tried envisioning the diner. His face kept popping into her thoughts instead. It didn’t matter what part of the diner she tried focusing on, because an image of him always showed up there. Miguel sitting at one of the new tables, him walking out of the bathroom…once she even envisioned him in front of the stove and wondered if he knew how to cook. He had become imprinted in her mind so deeply she wondered if she’d explode if she didn’t have some sort of contact with him.

Allison closed her eyes. No thinking about Miguel. Only the bakery.
Talk to you soon,
Wendy Ely


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