Friday, September 24, 2010

Story of Bors is almost here!

To those who’ve been asking about when Bors’ story will be out, I now have an answer—October 2010! Yes, this funny and lovable Knight brother will test how well you liked him in Irresistible Knight.


IrresistibleKnight She’s a rich violinist. He’s an FBI agent always hanging out behind alleys and dirty dumpsters. Together, can they make a beautiful symphony or break each others heart?


Wolf’s Soul, my newly released paranormal received awesome reviews.



“This story is simply amazing! Tierney O’Malley knows how to write an Alpha make character that has both strength and an emotional depth that any reader will fall instantly in love with.”—Happily Ever After Reviews

The characters just about leap off the page, and the plot is very exciting, but the real focus and best part is the love story between the wolf and the human.”—Coffee Time Romance


Now that the second book of the Knight Brothers Series is almost here, it is time to burn my time finishing the third—Gawain’s story. :D


I love hearing from everyone!


Tierney O’Malley


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