Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All that scary stuff!

So it is Halloween season and my least favorite time of the year. Yes, my blog partners are going to boo me for that but I just can't help it. I have to admit to my horror movie addiction when I was young. I looooved those movies that gave me nightmares and thinking that there were crazy people ready to kill me hiding around every corner! My favorites were Children of the Corn, Witchboard, and Halloween. These movies scare the crap out of me now! It drives me crazy since I have a child that loves these movies as much as I did when I was her age. She asks me all the time to watch them with her and I do. When I was a girl, I'd watched with wide eyed fascination.... now I gasp and cover my eyes with every single scary moment through out the movie.

And since it is the Halloween season, everything scary has doubled! I will suck it up for another week 2 weeks and then be grateful when things go back to normal!

What are your favorite horror movies?


Gracen Miller said...

Booooo....LOL Just kidding, Wendy! My husband hates Halloween too, so you're not alone in the world.

I love horror, but I don't like the slasher flicks the way I did as a teen. They make me yawn and roll my eyes, oh, and I get irritated with women who can't run correctly. Women are STUPID in horror flicks! Grr...


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