Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not What I Thought it Would Be

Today I was going to write a blog about going to the corn maze with hubby yesterday. It was going to be titled "A-Maizing" and have a pictoral tour of our fun. I should have known when the dog went balistic at our departure and Dave broke the camera in the driveway it wouldn't be a typical day.

Not knowing if the fine folks at the corn maze took plastic, we needed to stop at the bank and get money out of the ATM. Thank God we did. Thank God. Thank God. Not just for that, but that our TD Bank doesn't have a drive thru ATM, but you have to get out of your car and walk into the bank foyer. So, Dave gets out to go in. (I'm driving- and thanks to any and all deities listening that I wanted to take the Jeep on our outing). He's coming back to the truck when he says, "Hit the brakes, I think we have a tail light out." - So, I do...and the brakes go all the way to the floor. I've got nothing. Now, mind you, the brakes were fine on the way. No problems stopping. The bank is only about three miles from our house - so not a great distance. I said, "The brakes are gone." - Dave's like, "What?" - So he gets in and tries. And his face goes decidedly white. We drive home the backroads so we can really limp. We make it, but Dave was shaking his head the entire time about having to step all the way down onto the floorboards to get anything in way of braking power. And Jeep Cherokees...they aren't really light vehicles. They take a good amount of stopping power.

So, we switch cars and get into the Saturn Aura, but the magic is gone. There will be no corn mazing for us. It will have to keep for another day. We then just go around the corner for lunch at the diner where we stare at each other with stunned expressions and count how blessed we were for not having the brakes fail in heavy New Jersey traffic on our way to the maze. Or worse, having them fail on Dave driving down Rt. 80 on his way to work today.

Yes, we were being guarded by a higher power. Guardian Angel, Jesus himself, or the Big Man - it doesn't matter who, we greately appreciate the intervention and marvel at how all the pieces of that puzzle fit into place to avert what might have been a terrible tragedy for us and/or others.

So, my corn maze experience will have to wait. But honestly, I'm fine with that. I'd rather be alive to maze another day than any of the alternatives might have been in that story.

Moral here: Count your everyday blessings. They might be more important than you think.



Wendy_Ely said...

OMG, Kate! I'm so glad you are safe!!

Gracen Miller said...

Wow! Thank God you guys are okay! You definitely had a higher power sitting on your shoulders.


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