Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm in looooove!

With another Rachel Gibson book! One of my best author friends (Buffy Christopher!) knows how much I like books from Rachel Gibson and since it was my birthday last night, Buffy bought me Rachel's new book Nothing but Trouble. I rushed through the end of the book I had been reading and started this one.

I was once again reminded why I love books by this author. The characters are flawed and wonderful... just like real people are. And the sex scenes in this one? Some of the best I've read (and I have read a lot of 'em!). I ended up reading 3/4's of this book while on a long bus trip one day. The writing had me laughing out loud and the book fell under the catagory of a fantastic read!

Anyway... go pick up a copy of this book and I will talk to you later!

Wendy Ely


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