Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weaving True Evil Into Romance Novels

Halloween is just around the corner and that always has me thinking of new story ideas. I love to build a story around true stories or real historical events. I built Nocturnally Vexed around the true story of Jack-the-Ripper and A Love Beyond Time around the Salem Witch Trials.

Now as I wrap up my latest full length and start brain storming for new ideas, I'm thinking of writing about another famous evil person. Elizabeth of Bathory.
Darkness is what I crave. Darkness mingled with romance and passion. If you've never heard of this demonic female, also known as the Countess of Blood, you're in for a Halloween treat. This horrific tale dates all the way back to the 1500's. Elizabeth of Bathory killed local peasant girls, luring them to her castle with promises of well paid servant work. Not only did she and four of her servants kill the girls, but she bathed in their blood with the belief that it would preserve her beauty. She is perhaps the most notorious serial killer of all time. It is believed she killed around 650 girls. She made the mistake of killing a noble girl and the investigation into her wicked habits was ordered. What a challenge to write a romance built around this twisted psycho but I'm up for it! Which true life evil characters would you like to read about or weave into a fictional story?

I'm excited for Halloween. I love taking my three little goblins trick or treating. And can't wait to carve those jack o'lanterns!

And I have a fun book signing the day before Halloween on Oct. 30th from 5 to 7 at D'Vine Wine. Go to Tours on my website for details.

Alisha Paige

What are your Halloween plans?

~Happy Reading and Writing~ Alisha


Gracen Miller said...

Hey, Alisha! I love evil romances as well. I've never thought about writing on a real life evil person though. Interesting idea.

Elizabeth of Bathory is one scary woman! I watched a documentary on her a couple of months back. How scary to have a woman with that much clout and the ability to murder without the promise of punishment...unless she kills a noblewoman. Sends shudders down my spine!

Best of success divining your new story!!


Alisha Paige said...

Another fun way to incorporate evil into your romances is to take a ghost legend and build around it. I did that in my Voodoo Moon and wrote my story around the White Witch of Rosehall, the lady who haunts Rosehall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. That was a fun story to write and I'd visited there too so that really helped.

I will have to catch that documentary. Wow! She sends shivers down my spine too and she may just be "too evil" to even build a story around but I'm going to try.

Thanks for the good wishes! Have a great day!

Big hug,

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