Friday, November 12, 2010

Another hot Knight

Yes, the story of Bors is finally out. Irresistible Knight, book two of Knight Brothers Series is now available from Red Rose Publishing.




She’s a rich wary violinist. He’s an FBI agent always hanging out behind alleys and dirty dumpsters. Together, can they make a beautiful symphony or break each other’s heart?

Sleep deprived, Bors Knight thanked his stars when he decided to help the vanilla scented Taylor Monte Carlo cross the street. She’s in need of a place to stay and his ticket to finally nail the man he wants to throw in jail. Not one to let go of a good opportunity, he offers her his newly built home. Taylor, however, has made matters complicated. She occupies his room, covers his windowsill with her rock collection, disturbs his quiet morning with beautiful music, and then… crawls inside his heart.


Taylor wants only one thing—keep her father from ending up in jail. Her problem is solved when she meets the funny and delicious looking hunk Bors whose father happens to be a judge. He offers to share his home, his secret cove, and show her blinding and all-consuming passion she has never known. In a very short time, she has learned to trust Bors with her secrets. All was good until a man holding a gun, Hollywood style, blows his cover—an FBI agent bent on sending her father to jail.

In love, Taylor finds herself between two men she can’t live without. But who should she chose?


Tierney O’Malley



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