Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Progress and a kid!

One thing I've learned this week which I haven't figured out any other year while doing Nano is that it is really good to have someone do the program with you. I'm not saying write a book together but be there for each other.
How did I come to learn this tip? Because my daughter is doing the young writers program of Nanowrimo. She has been pushing and taunting me all month long. Yes, some days she comes off as being a pain in my butt by calling out through the house, "Mama! I have more woooooords than yoooooou!" but she pushes me to do more. She also inspires me. Her word processing program on her laptop doesn't work so she is writing her entire Nano-novel by hand. She doesn't complain either which I would do if I were in the same boat as her.
On my other posts I mentioned writing this Nano-novel for her. It's a paranormal with no sex (at her request).... as a gift to her since she helped me come up with the plot. The other night she was so discouraged with her book. "Mom, I don't think I can do this," she had exclaimed while flopping down on the couch next to where I was busy typing away. After trying to convince her that she could finish her book, she still wasn't hopeful. I asked her if she wanted to hear part of Dreaming of Him which is the book I'm working on. She listened to what I had so far. She hopped up off the couch with a revived passion for her book. "I have to write!" And off she went. She told me that night that I inspire her :)
I got her started on this Nanowrimo thing (she started doing this program when she was 10) and now I wouldn't do it without her. So, nanowrimo writers, find someone to do the program with you!
As for my progress~ I'm at 8,626 words. According to my nano stats, at this rate I'll finish my nano-novel by December 28th! Not so good. So how are your books coming online?
Talk to you soon,
Wendy Ely


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