Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I will NOT give up!

It's Wednesday again... a day that I get to sit in Starbucks, update you on my Nanowrimo progress while taking a break from the novel and school :) And today I wish I was bringing better news on my progress but... well... It's over halfway through the month and I've only gotten to 16k on my nano-novel.
I won't give up! Next week is my Thanksgiving break so I will have 7 full days to write! In order for me to finish Dreaming of Him for nanowrimo, I will have to finish during my break since I start a business law class the following week that my teacher insists as being haaaard!
That's all for my progress this week... what's yours? Please inspire me to get my fingers on the keyboard!
Wendy Ely


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