Sunday, November 7, 2010

V for Vendetta - A Romance

Last night, I had my heart broken.

Since I saw the first trailer for this movie a few years back, I've wanted to see it. I knew it was from a graphic novel, but I hadn't read that either. Nor did I pick up a copy though I do like most of Alan Moore's work. (I'll admit Promethea got to be more about the verbage than the pictures and probably needed to be moved to novel form - but anyhoo...) For one reason or another I never got to the movies to see V or rented the movie when it became available. When I saw it available from Netflix, I knew my time had come.

The only thing I have left to say is....I should have went with my gut and gone to see it on the big screen.

This movie not only rocked and rocked was both ghastly and hauntingly tender at the same time. And even though some of V's methods and actions are very questionable, I actually found myself understanding clearly his motives and forgiving him completely.

I think I fell in love with him.

From their first moments onscreen together, I wanted V and Evey to have something more together. I won't write spoilers here for those who haven't seen the movie or read the graphic novel (I really don't know if they end the same and oddly, Alan Moore's name seemed to be left off the credits as the creator of the story. Only David Lloyd the illustrator got credit.) But suffice it to say that I ached for these two. This movie grabbed me on a level I haven't felt for some time. Not with a movie anyhow. Books are different. I get more gut-wrenched from them than movies for some reason.

As unconventional a love story as any has ever been, it still struck me at it's heart a romance. The Wachowski Brothers who brought us The Matrix do a beautiful job of adapting this story for the big screen. They admit to going a little bit deeper into the relationship between V and Evey, which I think made the movie all the more gripping and what got to me.

I never really expected it to be a pseduo-romance. I knew I'd probably like it, but the pain and terror these two characters have endured make them compelling, sympathetic and in the final scenes....heartbreaking and triumphant at the same time.

There really aren't enough words. And I'm finding myself having trouble in articulating exactly why this movie got to me so much. It might be the man behind the mask and how he hides his pain through vengence. There is one scene where V is alone and Evey has just left where his vulnerabilty comes through and I almost lost it.

If you haven't seen it. You should.

V forever!



Lisa Lane said...

I wish I had seen V FOR VENDETTA on the big screen, but unfortunately a friend of mine had told me it was not worth it and I was silly enough to believe her. I know better now than to trust this particular friend's taste in film and literature. V FOR VENDEDTTA is a masterpiece (and the graphic novel is even better).

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