Sunday, March 6, 2011

Free Reads v Account Payables

I'm a true believer in the notion of free reads to get readers hooked on you style and voice. I've seen it happen. Not so much to me as I humbly think my writing is such a niche sometimes, the really out-there people like myself don't find the linkage or whatever. (I probably need to hang around more paranormal and sci-fi sites I guess.)

But promotion isn't the only thing that free reads do for a writer, they also somehow allow my creative juices to flow freely. I have a few freebies on my website and some I'd written for the old Samhain newsletter Samhellion before it closed. Honestly, those stories were some of the most fun I've had writing. Granted, the ones about the Jersey Devil babies were part dark comedy which made them very fun to write. I fully intend to finish the series, and since Easter is just around the corner, I think it's a good place to pick up since the last one I did was a Valentine story about two years ago. (Luckily, in storybook time there is no such thing as a gap in time. I can back that puppy right on up to make it look as if no time had passed at all.) - Anyhoo, as far as creative expressions go, free reads are as much fun for the reader as the writer.

Now for the accounts payable portion of this blog. It all comes down to this. Really. The bills you get as a writer. Now, I'm not talking about the unfortunate newbies out there who don't realize you're not supposed to pay editors or agents or that type of thing. I'm talking about the website costs, advertising, promo items, travel expenses, conference fees, fees for professional associations, business cards, computer costs/printer maintenance - well, it all adds up after a while. And adds up quickly if everything comes due at once. It's a lot of out-of-pocket, but a necessary evil if you want your work to sell. Got to get the information to the book hungry public, right?

So, how do you do this by writing for free? Glad you asked. Everyone likes getting something for nothing - it's human nature. Not free ride at life type stuff, but that little unexpected extra in your day that makes you smile. That interests you enough to maybe go back for more, even if you have to pay this time. Works like a charm. The more people you get reading your free stuff and getting hooked on you as an author, the more will be willing to pay when your next big one comes out. The more money in your writing account to offset those writing related expenses. - Gee, sounds like a big vicious circle, doesn't it? But if that's what comes with this writing territory then color me dizzy with spinning, because this is one carousel I never want to get off.



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