Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tears for Japan

In one moment disaster struck.
Precious lives lost.
Washed out to sea.
An enormous moving tear drop.
The world weeps.
Beautiful Japan.
Land of color, perfection and art.
Our hearts are with you.
The dragon will dance again.
And Japan will thrive.
Beautiful Japan.
Hold On.
Hold On.
Soon the darkness will fade.
The red lanterns will sway again.

~ My heart goes out to beautiful Japan. The death toll is believed to be around 10,000, the homeless have reached 500,000 and many are missing. Now radiation levels are rising. Click here. HELP in this time of need.

I will leave you with some beautiful images of Japan and Japanese art. (Photos courtesy of Photobucket.com)

~ God Bless Japan


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