Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's talk about books!

I love this picture for the simple fact that I wish I take a break from my busy life to lounge in a hammock next to the ocean and read a really good. I live in Arizona so there isn't any oceans nearby to provide me this luxury for even an hour. A vacation is also out of the question at the moment. So let's focus on the second part of my wish... the good book part of it all.

I've been reading a lot of James Patterson lately. I know that many people groan when hearing his name. Bad writing? Too many books published in such a short amount of time? I dunno, but I love his books. The dialogue and action are so snappy that once I pick a book up, I can't put it back down. Anyway, I finished another James Patterson novel and decided I needed something by another author for a little bit.

As I strolled through the library I wondered what I wanted to read. I'm usually drawn to the suspense section but stayed away from it that day. I needed something light. Something funny. Something with love but it didn't really have to be a romance. I stayed in in the fiction section. I pulled books out, looked at the cover, read the back, and put them back. Nothing seemed to catch my eye that day. Okay, I thought, I would do one more aisle and if I didn't find anything there then I would leave empty handed.

The book was pink and titled Good in Bed. Good in Bed? Of course I had to take a look at this book. I had never read a book from Jennifer Weiner. I had always wanted to read something from her but hadn't yet. This was my chance. I checked it out and started reading the book on the ride home (I take the bus). Three pages in and I was hooked. This book is exactly what I was looking for at the moment.

How do you choose the book you read?

Talk to you soon,

Wendy Ely


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