Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shadows of the Mind for ninety-bloody-nine cents!

Yes, that's right, I have gone mad (but some of you already knew that)! I have authorised my publisher to put out Shadows of the Mind for a crazy .99 c over there at Amazon in Kindle format right here...or here...or here? Yes, that's right, ninety--bloody--nine cents! Why, because, not only will you get a story about aliens, tentacles, spaceships, weird happenings, sexy young men and Zane (with his wonderfully dry sense of humour and his really big....), you will then be compelled to buy the next part in the series, Light of the Body.


There is a method to my complete and utter madness...but only just. So why not pick up a really CHEAP copy of Shadows of the Mind. Then, when you've enjoyed it and laughed how you got it so cheap, think of me and my constant need for chocolate and buy the next part in the series...then the next...and so on and so on until you are so hooked into Mark Alders' universe that you will be emailing me to find out when my next release is...

Go deserve it...Get Shadows of the Mind and never look back!


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