Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

wickedpersuasionweb I’m starting the new year with two books. Each one from different publishers. Sounds great. But thinking about the amount of promo and edits that I have to do makes me feel tired already. Well, that’s just part of the author’s gig and I should shut up and smile. :)


Wicked Persuasion is about Diana and Todd. The characters I briefly introduced in Wicked Proposal and yet attracted quite a lot of attention. One reviewer said these two are interesting characters and would be happy to read their story.  Glad to hear it because the story is already in the hands of an editor at eXtasy Books and scheduled to come out January 15, 2010.



Wicked Knight is the first book of the Knight Brothers series and the first book I sold to Red Rose Publishing.

Doctor Tristan Knight is known for his gentleness and willingness to help inside and outside his clinic. But an unusual call for help lands in his lap—marry his sister’s best friend, Julie. Will this six foot framed doctor and partial to wearing boots answer the call?


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I wish you all a happy new year!




Tierney O’Malley


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