Friday, January 15, 2010

Mind if I share my new book covers?

I should write something, share news or a limerick. But I can’t think right. So I’ll follow Mark and share my two awesome book covers.


PassionateBid-432x648-72dpi  PASSIONATE BID

Drop dead gorgeous veterinarian Julian Ravenwood has made a mistake--sleep with a young virgin, Joanie Saint Claire. Forced to do the right thing, he marries her then leaves while Joanie is still in her wedding gown. Three years later, he decides to snip the tie that binds them together. But divorcing his estranged wife isn't as easy as he thought it to be. His once untidy scrawny bride has changed into a seductive and attractive woman he can't stop lusting after. And worse, he's learned her secret that rocks his world.

Artist and bar dancer, Joanie, sees an opportunity to solve her problems when Julian came back to serve her. She agrees to sign the divorce papers on one condition--her signature in exchange of one hundred thousand dollars. But Julian learns the reason behind her demand--the result of their one steamy night together. Sam.

Joanie finds herself in a situation when Julian surprises her with his own demand--he wants two weeks with Sam in exchange of his money. Should she give him a chance to know Sam and put her heart at risk again by accepting his offer?

Release date: January 28, 2010 Red Rose Publishing





He vowed never to love again. She is afraid to love. A passion so strong they cannot resist.

Ruggedly handsome pediatrician, Dr. Tristan Knight, is done with marriage. Once is enough. Eager to avoid making another mistake of getting trapped in marriage vows, Tristan wields strong control to suppress his growing attraction to his sister's friend, Julie Parrish. But his resolve is tested when an unusual request for help lands on his lap--marry Julie.

Author and former model, Julie Parrish has been trying to keep her image clean; otherwise, her drunkard father will get the inheritance her mother has left her. She will never let that happen. But her stepmother, Marla, has learned about the will's stipulation. Since then, she's been attempting to prove to the lawyers that Julie is far from being clean. Fortunately, her mother has added an out to the will. Marriage. So when Tristan surprised her by offering his help end her problem with Marla, she accepts. But Julie wants more than just a ring. She wants the elusive doctor's heart.

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing



Carrie Hinkel-Gill of Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem reviewed my book Wicked Persuasion. She nearly gave me a heart attack. Carrie reminds me of my English professor. Strict, thorough, and professional. I love the way she reviewed my book. Here is the link:






Mark Alders said...

Okay, these are awesome...more to put into my TBR file!

Love it!



Tierney O'Malley said...

Thanks, Mark. Teehee. Hey, is that a Simpson character you use for your image? Oh, I don't think so. Never mind.


Mark Alders said...

You're welcome

No, you're right. It is a Simpsons 'guest character'.

It's Tom Baker when he played Doctor Who in the 70's, the all time quintessential Dr. Who IMHO.

Sierra Wolfe said...

Love the covers Tierney! Congrats! And congrats to Mark and Wendy too!
I'm so proud of all of you!

Tierney said...

Aha! I knew I've seen that character before.

Sierra, thank you. How are you?

Sierra Wolfe said...

I'm doing well. Very, very busy. Unfortunately, it's with work, not writing. But, it's better than doing nothing, right? How are you? I miss chatting with you!

Gracen Miller said...

Loooove the covers Tierney! They're freaking awesome. And I'm so freaking jealous. How in the world do you write this fast?????

*curls into the fetal postion and cries*

Hey, btw, Carrie's review makes me want to run out and buy all your books! She does a great job on reviews, but the thought of her reviewing anything I've written scares the hell out of me! She's definitely tough, but we've had our differences on books we like before...she didn't like them and I did and I thought she was being overly critical. *shrugs* That's the joy of not all of us being the same! :D


Tierney O'Malley said...


I know! Carrie is tough. So far, she reviewed two of my books. Both times, she made me suffer from arrythmia. LOL

I write fast? Not fast enough, if you ask me. I write at night when the critters are abed. Most of the time I write from 10 to 1 AM. Get up at 6 and write for an hour.

Hey, uncurl yourself. You sold a freaking book. Think about that. :)

Tierney O'Malley said...

Sierra, work is good. Right now, I am off for the whole quarter due to meniere's freaking disease. I'm homebound. Not driving at all. Tried taking my daughter to school. We made it a block then I had to turn around because my world started spinning. Scared my daughter. We made it to the driveway. I thought I parked the car okay. My husband said, it was sideways. Well, I didn't hit anything and my two year old van survived. :) I'm a lucky stupid woman.
Miss talking to you, too.

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