Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want to know what I did last night?

Nooooo I didn't murder anyone! I did go to my local Romance Writers of America chapter meeting where we had a homicide detective give us a workshop! I loooooove writing those romantic suspense novels so imagine how excited I was when I found out about being able to take this workshop!

The detective set up a crime scene for us, including the fake body with wounds, evidence on the ground, and the famous yellow police tape! He went through step-by-step on how they process the scene. We learned about blood spatters, entry and exit wounds, and all that gory stuff!

Listening to him talk was fabulous. We not only got to hear about the cool technical stuff about the job, but he was comfortable with us (his wife is a member of our chapter!) so we got a sample of what it's like for a homicide detective and the language he uses! Too bad the workshop had only been an hour long. I'm sure a lot of us would've spent a lot more time learning about all of the stuff he had to say. In any case, I came home with details to fix in my book and pages of notes for many more novels!

Anyway, I'm off to write, but since I love reading your comments and questions, feel free to leave me some!


Sierra Wolfe said...

Oh, wow! How cool! I bet that was a great workshop!

Mark Alders said...

What a fantastic thing to attend. Insight like this is important to a writer and I hope the experience has left you more knowledgeable :-)



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