Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Writer Insanity, Pirated, Tour Dates and Eye Candy (of course)!

Did you miss me? I missed YOU!!! Nothing can make a writer go more insane than having two computers crash in a matter of months! Nothing!!! It's like a mechanic losing his tools, a pilot without his plane, a cook without a stove..Linus without his blanket....now you get my drift.

My last blog post was Dec. 1...nearly 2 months ago...yikes!!!! I feel like I'm back to the land of the living.

Some good news....Nocturnally Vexed released in print in December! Woohooo! I'm currently working on another werewolf tale set in Circle City, Alaska, near the Yukon Flats....in other words..no man's land. There's nothing out there...but snow and werewolves. I really love where this story is going and hope to finish in the coming months. I'll keep you posted.

Travel news....I'll be speaking at the Bonham Public Library in Bonham, Texas on Saturday, Feb. 13 with 10 other romance authors. There will be a book signing afterwards. It'll be a fun day and a nice drive out to quaint Bonham. Shoot me an email if you plan on going so I can look for you.

Weird news...my book, Nocturnally Vexed has been pirated...bad, bad, bad. All that work and some jack ass has put my book out there for anyone to just download. Hey, if anyone is that desperate to read my work, email me. I'll send you a copy. Writers understand the meaning of the word POOR.

My writer's group will be meeting Wednesday, Feb. 17th at Generator Coffee in downtown Garland, Texas...if you are a local blogger....I'd love to meet you. Anyone can come...reader, writer, bored person. I love meeting new people. Email me for details. Go to Contact at www.alishapaige.com.

So....what's new in your world? I'd love to hear what your reading, writing, doing with your life?

Gerard..can I have a drag? Or a lick? Good Lordy almighty...that man does things to me.

Hugs and love,


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

First and foremost anything with Gerard Butler gets my attention. Whew! The man is sex walking.

Second, welcome back!!! (Notice I put Gerard first. Sorry, but damn the man is sex walking. Did I say that already?)

Third, hurray for the paperback release. *throw confetti and party streamers*

Fourth, sorry about your 'puters. I would have forgone food and probably some other necessity to get a new one, I'm that dependant on them.

Fifth, Pirates! Egads! I've been battling the swashbuckling 'script stealers myself. I even had a priate site show up in my google alerts, where not only is my book Scythe showing up there - it's a Spanish site. So, now I'm pirated and losing money bi-lingually. Oy!

Again, welcome back. We missed you.


Sierra Wolfe said...

Alisha!!!! We DID miss you, so much! I'm so glad you're back in action. I know just how it is to have the computers crash, just had that happen to me in the last couple months, too. Both my daughter's and my computers crashed. I had to buy two new one's. One in Nov and the other in Dec. Totally sucks.

I hate to hear about your books being pirated, too. It really is upsetting, I'm sure. Maybe at least it will gain you a fan who will actually purchase your next one. I hope so.

Anyway, welcome back!!

Mark Alders said...

I.Would.die without my computer! How did you manage?

Also, soooooo glad you're back. I missed your words while you were gone. Luv ya, mate!



P.S. congrats on the print release. You are an inspiration.

Alisha Paige said...

Thank you, Kate, Sierra and Mark. I'm so happy to be back reading your awesome blogs and back in the game! :)

Cheers to all my wonderful friend!

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