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Author Angela Nichelle!!

Valentine's Day is just hours away! Many of us look forward to the heartfelt cards, chocolates and perhaps those small boxes holding sparkly surprises. But I encourage you to take the time on this holiday to make someone feel special. I'm not talking about your significant other or lack thereof. Whether you are married, single, or dating, I'm willing to bet there is someone in your life you probably need to say, "I love you," to.

Those three small words hold so much power. I can remember the first time the man I loved said them to me. I could feel his sincerity, see the love in his eyes and I was moved and we were married. Yet, hearing my dad, mom, sister or any other loved one uttering those same words touched me just as much, just in a different place in my heart.

The point is each time someone says, "I love you," our hearts melt and our spirits rejoice in that moment the words float into our ears because deep down we all desire to love and be loved. Celebrate this Valentine's Day! Reach out and tell the special people in your life . . . "I love you."

Happy Valentine's Day!

Angela Nichelle


Safina Ralph is single on Valentine's Day. She's determined to have a good time in L.A. away from her home in Chicago with her friend, Lynn. The two of them have exclusive passes to Red, the hottest nightclub on Venice Beach. Just as the festive atmosphere begins to coax Safina into the party mood, she notices something . . . or someone shooting arrows into the crowd of unsuspecting partygoers below!

Chaos erupts as Safina races to stop the attack. When she confronts Kal, one of the club's sexy owners, Safina's sure he's the attacker despite his warm reassurances and her body's hot response to his touch. Consumed with overwhelming feelings of déjà vu and desire, Safina is relieved to get back home but she can't shake unsettling questions and Kal's handsome face from her mind.

After their encounter at Red, Kal tracks Safina down in Chicago with questions of his own. And the answers for them both could be the key to everything they've wished for, but will Safina accept the truth and can Kal trust his heart?


Safina splashed cold water on her face several times before meeting her reflection in the decorative oval mirror hanging over the modern basin. Some curls had escaped from her fancy up-do, but that was the only sign to indicate she had experienced something out of the ordinary. Pulling a paper napkin off the marble counter, she patted the moisture from her face.

There was something about . . . she didn't even know his name. Safina shivered, remembering the awareness she’d experienced when his hard body had pressed so close to her own. Even in her dazed state, the scent of his cologne and the feel of his arms wrapped under her thighs had sent her heart racing.

Maybe Lynn was right; time to go back to the hotel. Taking a deep breath, she shut off the bathroom light and opened the door, instantly aware her friend was gone. "Where did Lynn go?"

Kallias downed the contents of his glass. "I told her I'd bring you back out after you had a few more moments to regroup. I'm Kal, by the way."

Safina looked around the beautifully decorated room. There were large mirrors on all the walls and an interesting collection of art pieces adorning the wooden shelves facing the desk Kal now rested against. Red was obviously doing very well.

"How do you feel now?"

Tearing her gaze off the exquisite ivory sculpture of a man and woman intertwined in an intimate embrace, Safina met Kal's dark brown eyes. "Better." Except for the fact she was now experiencing a serious case of déjà vu on top of everything else.

"Beautiful, isn't?" Kallias asked, coming to stand by her and the suggestive artwork.

Safina nodded, afraid to speak. Just his presence evoked a response from her body she didn't understand. Goosebumps prickled along her skin as she sucked in a deep breath. Unconsciously, she took a step away from Kallias, who turned from the statue to study her.


Those lips, those dark eyes, his voice was so familiar. She couldn't breathe. She wanted to escape whatever was happening to her. She needed to escape before she rushed into his arms. "I-I'm gonna go. Thanks, Kal."

Safina turned and rushed for the door, letting out a yelp when Kallias stopped her with a sharp tug on her arm.

Kallias moved close, bringing his face a centimeter, maybe two, from hers. "Do I know you?"

His hand on her skin was more than she could bear. Pleasurable tingles raced from his warm touch up and down her bare arm. With wide eyes, Safina tried to yank free but he held fast. "Please—"

Kallias cut her off with a kiss. His lips melded with hers and Safina forgot about struggling and moaned, going limp in his arms. She kissed him back, enjoying the heat and passion she could taste as he stroked her tongue, remembering . . . remembering something. Finding a bit of strength, Safina wrenched away, breathing hard.

Kallias licked his bottom lip and appeared to be just as bemused as she was. Safina used his momentary confusion to break free of his grasp. Pivoting on the balls of her high-heeled shoes, she bolted for the door.

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Chérie De Sues said...

Nichelle you've created another masterpiece and on Valentine's Day too! Congratulation on your new release. All my best.

Chérie De Sues

Angela Nichelle said...

Thanks, Cherie! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

susan said...

The book sounds great and to be out for Valentine's Day was great timing. I would love to read this's on my list. Happy Valentine's Day to you. susan L.

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