Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Right now our family is fighting the flu. I pitched my children's book to an agent this week. This book is for middle school age kids.

Here's the pitch and what the agent said:


Two Ice Age kids are orphaned and left to survive alone in the wild after their parents are killed in a bear attack. Tusk and his sister, Flint, discover ancient cave paintings with a secret warning and how to survive the deadly meteor. Tusk is a natural born leader and believes only he can warn others and lead the clans to the land bridge and the new world. Flint has secrets of her own and a plan to unite with the animal kingdom and save them all from extinction.

AGENT - I'm just not in love with the pre-historical fiction ideas. They're not right for me. Thanks though!

So...I'll pitch elsewhere and look elsewhere. I have another young adult novel as well...a fantasy for middle school kids. I actually sold that book but had to pull it from publication due to "creative differences" with my editor.

Hmm...I'm thinking maybe I should stick to writing adult fiction? But what if I can do both? I'm always reaching for more.

Ah well...I'm going to go have some more chicken soup and ponder my future before I suffer the same fate as the poor sad snowman. I think I'll go outside and talk him out of it. Maybe I'll go write a hot love scene instead.

What's going on in your little neck of the woods?



Isabel Roman said...

Huh, seeing some of the kids books out there I think this'll be a lot more interesting than the saturated magical department.

In my neck of the words I'm waiting for the new snow storm that may or may not offer new accumulation and wondering why I chose February to be the month to start walking in the freezing cold mornings.

Feel better!

Tierney O'Malley said...

Forget about the "They're not right for me". Sit down and have a cupt of tea. : )



Anonymous said...

You will find an agent/publisher that will love it. You have talent, mate and you know how to use it.



booklover0226 said...

In my neck of the woods.. SNOW, SNOW AND MORE SNOW! I live in MD and we're expecting about 24 tomorrow into Saturday.

I'm so sick of snow...

Love the picture!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Love this picture!!

Your book sounds fun and different. Good luck with it~ cheers.

Alisha Paige said...

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments. I feel better now. I know I'll find an agent or an editor for this book. Hugs all around.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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