Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Competition!

If you purchase a copy of Shadows of the Mind I will give you a free copy of The Pauper's Prize or any other book from my back catalog of your choosing, including the two short stories I have done, Mama's Heart and The Cadet's Officer.

How do you get your free book? Email me the receipt of Shadows of the Mind and tell me which book you would like. Simple, hey? Oh, and you can say hello, too. I won't bite...unless requested ;-)

What could be better? Two books for the price of one. What's my email address, I hear you ask? well, click on the snail on my home page, he will take you there :-)

I hope I give away lots and lots of free book to all of my wonderful readers and supporters, I really do.


Gracen Miller said...

Read Mark's books people!!!


Tierney O'Malley said...

Mark is a bestseller at eXtasy Books. And a chocolate hoarder.

Mark, do you incorporate your chocolate addiction or anything about your in your stories? I'm a tree hugger so I wrote about it in Three Christmas Kisses. I hate swimming pools or any body types of water bigger than my hot tub so I wrote about it Wicked Proposal.


Mark Alders said...

Thanks, Gracen and Tierney!

You guys are so sweet.

And to answer your question, my books are so unlike me, it's not funny (well, okay maybe it is) I don't have chocolate or anything about me in my books. Weird? Dunno!



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