Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Good and the Bad of eReaders

Buying an eReader is, I have to say with all honesty, the best thing I have ever done. Not only does it make reading books easy, it makes reading sexy, too! There I said it! Reading a book with an eReader is damn sexy. When I finish an eBook I can sit back, relax, grab a pizza and (here's the best bit) I don't have to tell it I love it. Although *whispers* I do.

The down side. I catch the train to work and back each day. I am used to sitting by myself, minding my own business. Once I get my eReader out though darn near everyone wants to sit next to me! ARGHH! It's frustrating 'cause I like to stretch my legs and take up as much room as I can.

Not now. Nope.

People want to see what sexy damn thing I've got in my hands. That cream leather cover, that tactile plastic and that easy to read screen. Thank God I don't need two hands to operate the thing, cause I'm now squashed up near the window of the train with all these people gawking! LOL Having an eReader really is a one-handed affair. No more turning pages and trying to read the right hand side of a really thick book by breaking its spine! Yayyy. Now, if only it came with curiosity repellant it would be perfect.

I should have bought an eReader ages ago. Pity they've only just come out here in Australia otherwise I would have. Also, don't forget my competition. It's still running. Buy Shadows of the Mind and pick a book from my back catalogue. Simple as that (see "here's the deal" post below for more details)


Tierney O'Malley said...

Mind if I borrow that slick thing? Santa didn't give me on.


Alisha Paige said...

I'm so JEALOUS!!! I want one too!!! I hear that once you get an ereader, you fall in love with it and now here's more proof!

Great post!!

Hugs and chocolate,

Mark Alders said...

Hey, Tierney and Alisha,

Oh you so do fall in love with it. In fact, you look at people with dead tree books and you think. "Pah! They're in the dark ages!" LOL

Believe me when I say: WORTH THE MONEY!

It's great having all my books with me all the time :-)

joder said...

I love my Sony eReader! And for many of the reasons you say, the bending of the spine and ease of page turning.

And I have one because I broke down and decided I was worth it. I deserved a treat. So I gifted myself.

Mark Alders said...

Of course you deserve it, Joder! That's what I tell myself, too.


Thanks for the comment.


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