Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Ongoing War...

...with my toaster!

You know, how hard is it to actually buy a toaster that does what it's supposed to (like toast bread constantly and evenly) and not break/fail to toast one side/burn everything/just warm the bread? I mean really. I've bought expensive toasters, cheap toasters, middle of the road toasters. I've even bought different brands, too. And yet, not one....not one can perform the SIMPLE task of toasting bread every morning for more than a few months.

It's so frustrating I've even started a twitter trend #alliwantistoast That way, hopefully all those toaster manufacturers will sit up and listen. I bet they have a bloody good toaster on the space shuttle. Why can't I have one like that?

Now you're probably thinking, why don't I just grill my bread? Well, that's not the point. Why should I have to. That's what a toaster is for, isn't it? To toast.

For fans of Red Dwarf, I would gladly take that talkie toaster as my own. At least it could TOAST! Even if it did have an attitude and needed to be placed in stasis for being so annoying.

Anyway....rant over....Oh, and on advice from the eminent and wonderful Serena I bought a cheap toaster the other day...I am now eating cornflakes this morning...

Nuff said.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

My husband is usually very mellow and slow to anger... but the toaster's cousin—the blender—end up in the front yard once...

Mark Alders said...

Oh, I know.

The kitchen is a veritable nightmare for the unsuspecting.

Other appliances I don't get on well with, include kettles that don't click off, sandwich makers that don't seal the bread properly and I scald myself with melted cheese and the fridge that won't turn it's light on when I open it.

Hence I avoid the kitchen!

Thanks for the comment. Have a wonderful day.



Tierney O'Malley said...

I think the only thing that I value most in my kitchen is the microwave. Just zap the leftovers and voila! Food.

@Sweet Vernal--How are you doing? : ) My husband is inlove with his blender. Don't know why. I hate blended fruits.

Mark Alders said...

Tierney, nothing like a good zapping :-)



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