Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Only Televised Sport for Me!

On this Superbowl Sunday, I am devoting my blog to not those hulking beasts of the gridiron, but those hotties Down Under who make my blood boil and mouth water.

This. I'm talkin' about this!

Let me introduce you to the gentlemen of the AFL - The Austrailian Football League - Austrailian Rules Football/Footy.

OMG!!! I'm having a meltdown. Granted this picture was taken back in '04-'05 so I'm not even sure if all of them are still playing the game, but dammmmmmmn, who cares.

Above and beyond the luscious factor, these guys are top-notch atheletes who can do some really amazing things with balls. *wink*

I'm not kidding they kick the ball sidewise from mid-field while running and make it through the goal. On a really bad day they might get a "behind" - those are the posts beside the goal and are still worth some pointage. I've seen an injury occur on the field and the game doesn't stop - oh, no - they just run over the guy while the ref yells, "Play on. Play on." - Now, these are men.

It's Feb. and I'm already getting antsy. What if Setanta doesn't carry AFL this year? What will I do? I'm getting very upset by my lack of finding them on the schedule amidst the soccor. Ughhhhh. I don't want soccor. I want something with the cool kicks and sprints of soccor, but with the speed of hockey and toughness of rugby. Only AFL fits the bill.

Thing is, I'm not one to generally watch sports. I will watch the Olympics and rugby with my hubby. I used to be an NFL fan back when Don Shula's Miami Dolphins dominated the gridiron, but I lost a love for the game when that era came and went. It just wasn't the same. But honestly, in American football there is too much stopping and going. Each time a down is made the entire defensive and offensive lines have to regroup and line up to put the damn play back into play. Not true for the AFL. When you pay your ticket and enter the stadium, you get more bang for your buck from the get-go. Non-stop action. Even watching it on tv, you get that. It's just amazing. I'm not going to go into any of the rules or how-tos here, because I'm still trying to figure them all out as I watch.

However, I will leave you with a final thought.

Have a great Sunday!



Antonia Pearce said...

Please and thank you, Kat! Teehee! I believe I like Australian rules. :-)

Mark Alders said...

Aussie rules is the best! My family and I go for the team Essendon (the guys with the black and red uniform)

We live near the off-season training ground of one of the teams and Essenson played...and won! Great family day out as the guys put on a BBQ for all the familys that attend. Very good community spirit and they really treat the kids well, letting them practice with them and kick around the ball.

Great post Kate. Now I am just about ready to get my team colours out the wardrobe. Season starts soon :-)

Alisha Paige said...

Double yum!!! Drooooollll! Man, I wish we could watch these guys play. Wahhhhh!

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