Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Competition for the Year

Okay, time to end off the year with a high. Head on over to this page here. Read it all, enjoy it, and then submit a picture of a man (naked or not) who you think will fit one of the characters I have written about. One reader has already sent me a picture (and it is posted) and that started off my latest story writing adventure...yeah I know, I don't need any more ideas! LOL

What are the rules? Well, they are simple. If your picture is chosen, you get a free PDF copy of any of my books, present and future (you can wait for a release and a copy will be sent to you on release day) You will also be credited on the site. If the man is naked, make sure he is intact. I only write about intact men unless there is a very good reason for them not to be (as those of you who read my stories will know)

Also, I know I have a lot of young men reading my books, so if you would like to 'be' in a story you can send a picture in of yourself. Your name can be used or I can make up one. I will just write the character using your photo. Of course, self pics are not required to be naked for obvious reasons. Also, I may ask a couple of questions of you such as, body build, height, weight, etc etc as sometimes that information isn't easy to discern, especially if its just a portrait.

So that's it. I have two more stories to pen, Sarge's Angel and Atlantica Dream. So there are four main characters to fill, two for each. Go for it!


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