Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life at 45

And no, that isn't 45 mph, that's the age of 45. Which I turned yesterday. I'm all right with it. Turning 40 was harder than 45 for me. I don't know why. I think because I had planned to be a household name ala (insert your favorite well-known author's name here) by the time I hit my late 30's. So when it still hadn't happened by 40, I was--shall we say--more than a tad depressed that it wasn't worth it if I was going to just be spinning my wheels the rest of my life.

Here I am five years later and I'm multi-published now, but still no where closer to that fame I've chased. My books sell, but not as well as I'd like. I think I have a loyal fan base, but I can only tell that by units sold, not by any thing resembling fan mail, because that seems to be another thing that passes me by. It makes me wonder why. I hear a lot of my friends, pubbed with the same houses as I am, talking about all the fan mail they get. Really? I have my email and contact info at the end of every book, why aren't people emailing me?

I don't get it.

But then, I'm not one to email my fav authors either, so at least that much of it, I'll understand. But that's just me. Obviously there are readers out there who do email authors. *Turns to Wicked Thorn friends* Do you folks get fan mail? I'm just curious.

So, anyhoo, I decdided at the beginning of Nov. I was going to take a new approach to my writing - or at least add a new approach to it. 90K in 90 days and then get that book polished and sent out to agents. Then another one, in a different genre--since I write in so many different ones--and get that one out. So, by April, I should have at least two ready to make the rounds at agents. Two books, separate genres. See which one takes off first. *cross your fingers. wish me luck. all that jazz*

So, that's the writing life at 45, but what about other things?

Well, I have no idea where this neck pain I've developed over the last few days is coming from, but hubby assures me he had the same pain last week. Oh, really? Well, that's one birthday present I could have done without. The fact I've been kind of off kilter in my diet and exercise regimen hasn't been doing me proud either. I've found over the last six months that I really do like working out. If for no other reason than it helps keep me focused. I know it sounds weird, but I tend to think better when I'm doing regular exercises. Probably has to do with increasing cerebreal bloodflow or something like that. I've also noticed that my hand doesn't go as numb. (The one I didn't have carpel tunnel surgery on yet.) --However, with the time change, it's gotten me all screwed up with my workouts. I had a loverly little routine going from summer to fall. I'd write until about 4 in the afternoon then take a little break to workout, drink my protein shake then shower and go back to writing. Not now. I can't seem to motivate myself before the sun goes down. And I don't know why, it seems once the sun goes down it's time to relax and just kick back rather than get off my duffer and workout. I know I need to. I know I feel better when I do. I know I have to or I gain weight like crazy. I'm just not listening to my own advice. Very bad.

But I vow to get better. Just as soon as this head cold clears up.



Wendy_Ely said...

Happy Birthday, Kate!

To answer your question: I get fan mail (and hate mail!) once in awhile but certainly not enough to my liking. Fan mail is great feedback to our books. Even short letters don't just boost our ego, but lets us know that someone out in this huge world likes what we write. Those letters also help soften the blow when a bad review comes in or we are in the middle edits from our publishers... the letters gives us a smile and a push forward.

Tierney O'Malley said...

Hi Kate,

Belated happy birthday. I wish you all the best.

Once in a while I would get a fan mail. Wish I would get more.
My books hit the top 50 on Kobo. One stayed on top for over a quarter now. I did well on Fictionwise, too, and hit the bestseller (shortlived but I made it ;D ) You'd think a handful of those people who bought the book would send me an email. :) Nah. I suppose they expressed their opinion about my books through ratings. Fine by me. Everyone can see the ratings, right?

My mom met a woman who claimed had read all of my books. The woman said she enjoyed my books and waiting for more. Mom gave her my business card. But I never heard from her. Again, that's alright. As long as readers are buying my books, I'm happy.


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