Monday, June 8, 2009

The fabulous Kathleen Scott!

Congratulations to our contest winner, Hailey Edwards! "From the Ashes" has won the cover contest. You get to claim the Wicked Thorn and Roses Golden Rose Award for Best Cover! Congrats also to April Martinez who designed the cover for "From the Ashes"! 

Also, congratulations to our finalists! You deserve an award as well! So, we've created one for you, too!

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were so many wonderful covers to choose from! I'm glad it wasn't up to me to make the decision. I never could have done it.

Today I want to take some time and congratulate our own Kate Davison aka Kathleen Scott for her newest release “Hotter Than Hell” from The Wild Rose Press! Kathleen has been a great friend and wonderful mentor to me, so I wanted to let you all know just how fabulous she is! Take a look at her new release…


Fallen angels never have it easy. So it is with Damon Serif, who’s just landed the most difficult assignment possible—protecting his sexy neighbor, Ivy Hawthorne, from a hoard of water demons bent on making her their queen. Though keeping the smoking-hot costume designer out of evil’s clutches is something he’s trained centuries for, Damon knows the real challenge is having her close without tasting her charms and indulging in her rather unique perspectives.

Ivy’s luck is finally changing. After years of designing costumes for off-Broadway plays, she’s finally got a shot at the brass ring. But now, her sizzling neighbor is following her around the city, insisting she’s the target of a demonic conspiracy. What’s more, his mere touch causes her body to climax with an intensity of which she’d only dreamed.

When Damon and Ivy connect, even the demons feel the heat, because together they are...Hotter Than Hell.


Damon gave her a lazy smile then sat down beside her. “I got the message.”

What message was that? How badly she wanted to undress him and then slather him in cream cheese and eat him like her morning bagel?

“Yes. Well, sorry. I’m not normally so rude.” Or so orgasmic. Should she apologize for that, too? No, better to write that off as an anomaly.

Damon flashed perfect white teeth at her. “It’s all right. I took you off guard.”

Not nearly as much as with the full court nipple-press he’d put on her.

She took another sip of the wine. This one more of a gulp. At the rate she drank, she’d need him to walk her back to her door.

Time to bring the conversation back around to its original point. “What answers do you need from me?”

He set his wineglass on the end table, then turned to fully face her. He rested his arm on the back of the sofa, brushing the ends of her hair with his fingers. “Do you normally hang out in bars infected with darkness?”

There he went into that demon thing again. “By that I’m assuming you mean the marids and not the fact Daggers caters to the whole low lighting motif.”

“You know what I mean.” The back of his hand stroked her cheek. Intense desire curled around her heart.

“Yes. And I’m not so sure they were after me. Looked more like they were chasing you.”

He gave her a smile one would use to indulge an idiot child. “Normally humans can’t see them. That’s what makes them such a danger to you.”

“So why did we see them tonight?”

“I don’t know the answer to that yet, but I intend to find out. Until I do, promise me you’ll not venture in there.”

“I go to Daggers all the time and never have a problem. It’s where my contacts hang out and I network.”

“Even your contacts are dangerous. Believe me when I say your friend tonight had less than your best interests at heart.”

“And who are you, my guardian angel?”



Buy "Hotter Than Hell" by Kathleen Scott

For more information about Kathleen, visit her website!


Tierney O'Malley said...

Wow! Congratulations to Hailey Edwards. :) Woot! Woot! And to all of you of course. WTRs contest is a big success because of you. Thank you, thank you. *bowing*

Good golly, Kat! That's one HELL of a cover. :)

[What message was that? How badly she wanted to undress him and then slather him in cream cheese and eat him like her morning bagel?]

I remember thinking this way about my husband. What was it? That was....:)


Hailey Edwards said...

Thanks again for the wonderful contest.

The award is lovely and it was fun to pimp out April for a while (intead of me) *g*


Carol Burge said...

Congrats, Hailey, and congrats to my fellow finalists, and thanks to all who voted for my Dangerous Desires Cover! You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Not much more I can say.



Lisa Griffin said...

The awards are beautiful. Thank you so much for running the contest. Competition was stiff with so many wonderful covers to choose from. Congrats to you, Hailey!! :)

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