Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hearts 'A Flutter, Minds 'A Clutter

I'll preface this blog by saying I am not sure if I've discussed this here or not. I'm on about four blogs so I often regurg information without realizing it. So, if you've read this before from me, please feel free to ignore my meanderings.

I am prolific.

Not just prolific, but PROLIFIC. I have so many damn ideas running around my head at any given time, I have to keep a notebook with me at all times just to write down the sudden flashes of story that come into my brainpan. Sometimes they hit me like a Jimmy Choo pump shot from a cannon at high velocity. Other times I wake from sleep and have to jot down the wild kernals of some dream I just had. It doesn't matter how the ideas come to me...they just do. And they won't leave me the hell alone.

I have to purge.

The problem with having so many ideas at once is that unless I get the clutter of story ideas and snippets of dialogue out of my head, I can't work on the wips I have open and need to get out the door. It's disgusting. Really. I have so many ideas, I'll never be able to write them all in this lifetime, which is why I'm really pulling for reincarnation and that I'll have the inclination to write in my next life. Which just made me think of another story idea. Damn! There it goes again - my flights of fancy that take off like a herd of wildebeast on the Serengetti with a lion on their collective asses.

I guess I shouldn't complain.

It's always better to have too many ideas than not enough. The problem is finding the time to write them all. I wish I wrote as fast as I read. I'd be able to crank out a novel every day or two. However, it is nice that when I see a special call for submissions, I generally have an idea in reserve that I can shape up and send. Though I generally am not working on that project and have to stop what I'm working on and start something new. Which brings me to another piece of brain clutter - the fact my hard drive is littered with half-finished projects.

Case in point.

I'm working on a galley for a book - a dark paranormal coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. Every time I work on this galley, I want to finish the sequel that's been relegated to half-done status for about three years now. Well, for months I've thought I only had about 19K written on this book. As I opened the file yesterday just to check the word count - I was shocked to discover I'm at 29K. Huh, what? I'm almost at the actual halfway point and I haven't worked in it since? Are you kidding me? What was I thinking?

It's that damn mind clutter again. Or just a simple case of SOS - Shiney Object Syndrome.

-So, I'm curious does anyone else get brain clutter where they can't work for the ideas roaming in their heads?



Anonymous said...

Hi Kat! Oh yes. If I'm working on one project, sure enough, ideas fight for attention on the other projects. And heaven help me when the non-writing world deadlines interfere. Report card time can send the muse into a tizzy. No wonder I write series.

Alexia Reed said...

oh yeah, all the time! I'm learning to write them down now. For awhile the ideas went quiet, but they're perking up again and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.

Melisse Aires said...

I'm like you--another day, another new idea. I think my Muse is passive aggressive and floods out the shiny new ideas instead of helping with the grunt work of the plot.

Anonymous said...

Yes! But you knew this about me already.

Tierney O'Malley said...


I am suffering from a brain clutter right now. It's hard to concentrate on one ms without opening another. So frustrating sometimes.


Carrie said...

Yes, I've been there and at the worst possible time! I had a Shakespeare exam to study for but I couldn't focus on squat because I had a character kicking around in my head!

As much as I wanted to put off writing what was in my head until a later date, I knew I wouldn't be able to think clearly until I had the stuff out of my head. So, I sat down and wrote like forty pages or so with pen and paper (I wasn't anywhere near my computer).

Once I got it down, I was able to think clearly. I'm also lucky that I can remember most of the ideas after I come up with them!

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