Sunday, June 14, 2009

Space...the Final Frontier and other destinations

Tired of the same old, same old? Want to have a bit of fun without the expense of travel or having to pack? Want to go somewhere exotic without having to wait in those endless lines at the airport with all your possessions in gray bins as you are herded like cattle through the security checkpoint? Yeah, me too.

Try going on a star-crossed journey to the outer reaches of space.

What is it about sci-fi that I love so much? I admit that I'm a total geek when it comes to Star Trek, Star Wars or anything that makes intersteller travel possible. Though, I'll say right now, when I write it myself I don't want to have to worry about FTL drives, or the plausibility of if my spacecrafts can go the distance and speed to get x-number of light years from their point of origin. They just can. A reader, by virtue of picking of a science inspired title, is telling you they already suspended disbelief. I'd rather concentrate on the political, social and inter-personal ramifications of my story than explaining how my characters got from point A to point B.

There is just something about sci-fi that is fun to me. The possibilities. The trips to other worlds. The space hunks!!

Some of my most favorite sci-fi's are the ones that cross genres and add a romance into the mix. Jayne Ann Krentz's Harmony series is so much fun, I stalk to see if she has a new one coming out anytime soon. There is also C.J. Barry's sci-fi romance series, and Catherine Spangler. For futuristics, I loved the 2176 series that kicked off with Susan Grant's book The Legend of Banzai McGuire.

Some of my most favorite stories I've crafted were my sci-fi/futuristics under my pen name Kathleen Scott. For some reason those always seem to write themselves. I sit back and pretty much type what the characters tell me. I'm working on one now, as part of my many, many wips, that is kind of an almagamation of sci-fi/futuristic/fantasy with an erotic bent. Since it's the first novel length I've done under that particular name, there has been a bit more going into the world building and more thought than just the off-the-cuff writing I've done with the novella length titles. But at least it's satisfying my need to write that genre. I start jonesing if I'm away from it for too long.

So, what is your one genre you love to write or read? Your most guilty literary pleasure?



Sierra Wolfe said...

Mine would have to be paranormal. Not just any paranormal will do. Although I like to read alot of different stories, my true passion belongs to ghost stories.

It seems odd to say that. I've probably read more vampires than anything, and I do love them, but I think that's just because vamps are so hot right now. I've read some great shifter novels, too. But, I still write about ghosts more than anything.

I also love magic. If magic is included in a book, I'm thrilled. I absolutely adored Patricia Rice's Magic Series. It was one of my all time favorites. And, lucky for me, it even had ghosts! Can't get any better than that!

I read and write other genres. But paranormal will probably always be my passion.

Tierney O'Malley said...

:) Romance. Be it contemporary or historicals. I love reading about two people falling in love. Hahahaha. Three years ago, I read the story of Czar Czarina or Russia, how they've met, their love letters. I am so into that. So my stories are all about romance. The book I am writing right now, which I am hoping to finish this week is a paranormal (shapeshifter). With a bit of action, but the main focus is romance between the hero and heroine.

:) Tierney

Lisa Lane said...

If you love Star Trek and similar themes, I would love your opinion on my erotic space opera, LUST IN SPACE.

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