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Mama's Heart Excerpt

Mama's Heart is to be released on the 15th of July by eXtasy books. To help wet your appetite a bit, I thought I'd post an excerpt for you, along with a little bit about the story.

Well, Johnny is a young man trying to find Mr right and has a few mishaps along the way with wayward men. With the subtle hints and gentle guiding hand from his Mama, he eventually does find the right man for him. But even Mama can't predict what happens once Johnny does find his true love. Tragedy strikes...And nothing will be the same for Johnny or Mama again.

Here is an excerpt (unedited) from when Johnny meets Sam (who he thinks is the one)

Enjoy :-)

A young man moved in next door with his
parents. I know this because as I sat down to
watch TV that night, there he was on my doorstep
asking me if I had a cup of sugar. I knew it was his
way of getting to know me, to break the ice as it
were. An action which I found quite endearing. I
had to give him credit for that. I didn’t even know
the house next door was for sale, to be honest.

His name was Sam. He was tall—God, he was
tall. I thought I was an ample height, but this guy
could be a goal shooter for a basketball team, no
worries at all. He had a majestic nose that didn’t
seem to quite fit onto his face and his lips were
thin. But that didn’t matter. He was attractive to
me in an odd sort of way. His sparkling eyes were
his greatest asset and more than made up for any
beauty he may have lacked. I had a weakness for
nice eyes.

To my surprise, and a pleasant one at that, he
patted me tenderly on my arse as I handed him
the sugar.

“You like the boys?” I said, emulating my
Papa’s words.

He nodded enthusiastically and smiled in reply,
revealing large eye teeth.

The next thing I remember, we were huddled
on my bed, naked and enjoying each others kisses.
Sam had a foreskin, but not like Frank’s. His
didn’t quite cover the head of his cock and his piss
slit could be seen even when he was flaccid. It
looked like his dick was wearing an ill-fitting
hood, and it retracted easily when I pulled on it.
Quite attractive really. He tasted different, too. His
taste was less strong, sweeter than Frank. He also
groaned a lot as I pleasured him, spurring me on
to roll my tongue more and more around his cock.
I loved it, as did he, obviously.

Then softly, and with a voice that wavered
slightly as he spoke, he asked if he could please
me, to return the favour I had given him. He was
so wonderful. So innocent. So darn fucking cute. I
couldn’t say no to him.

And yes, you guessed it, Mama had even
warned me about men that you couldn’t say no to.
“He’ll break your beautiful heart, Johnny,” she
said as she sipped on a freshly brewed
cappuccino, one that filled the house with its
wonderful aroma.

I tried to tell her that when I was with Sam I
forgot about Ainsley.

She shot me a glance. One that meant you’ll see.
I drank my coffee, the soft subtle scent of her
favourite red roses tickled my nose. “Why have
you changed the roses to red? I haven’t seen red
roses in the house since I was a boy.”

“I am giving you hope. You need that if you
want to be with your true love.”

Sam was inexperienced—as I had been with
Sags—and at first he licked my end as one would
an ice-cream on a hot summer’s day. I had to
gently show him how I liked it by placing myself
into his mouth. He seemed to like being taught
and responded better than I would have thought
to my lead.

Most guys would get offended when
you had to show them. Brett almost certainly
would have been one of those kind of men. Not
Sam. His blue eyes twinkled as he looked up right
into my eyes as my cock slowly disappeared into
his mouth and his magnificent nose became
buried in my pubes. He caught on real quick.

When I thought he had sucked me enough, I
pulled him off, and just like a babe that had been
taken away from a teat, he whined. He even gave
me a morose expression, as if what I had done
offended him. I giggled. I wanted more from him
than just a blow job. I wanted his body.

It was then that I took him into the bedroom
and gently laid him down onto the bed. He looked
at me, puzzled about why I had stopped. That
expression didn’t last long when I moved so I was
positioned between his legs, legs that seemed to be
everywhere all at once, because he was so lanky.

As I sidled into the perfect spot, I stroked his hard,
yet tender cock— made softer by his excess skin.
He groaned in the delicious way he did, smiling
up at me. It was then, when the moment of realisation
struck him, that I pushed myself gently into his
warmth. Sam yelped out and shut his eyes tight
after a pained expression crossed his face. I had
obviously hurt him. I embraced him, nudging my
face into his neck and laying on hot, wet kisses all
over him. I felt terrible.

I pulled myself out.

He quickly calmed and his breathing returned
to normal as I lay on top of him, reassuring him.
Moments later, as I looked upon him, took in as
much of him as I could, he smiled again, nodding
that he wanted more.

I obliged.

He stared at me with those beautiful twinkling
eyes and moaned constantly as I fucked him. I was
now sitting up so I could push myself deeper and
I could see his stomach quiver as I moved
rhythmically inside him. He was soon in the
throes of rapture.

“Fuck!” was all he could manage as he shot a
great wad of cum across his stomach with such
force that some found his face. What was also so
brilliant about Sam was that his muscles tensed so
much when he orgasmed, I could feel his ring
tighten around me. I blew seconds later, unable to
control myself as I looked at his sweat covered
skin and then into his lovely innocent eyes. He
licked his lips, taking in some of his own juice. I
joined him. He tasted sweet, like his cock.

We fucked each other for most of the night,
only stopping for refreshments and food.
It went on like this for weeks, our sex. Each
time he gasped and moaned and acted as coy as if
I were with him for the first time. God he was hot.
Sam had everything I could ever want in a lover,
charming, sweet and caring. I thought he was the

How wrong I was.


Alisha Paige said...

Okay, damn...I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke. It's too early to drink. Is it? It's 1 pm here. Okay, I'm just going to turn the fan up higher. Wow, Mark, you really know how to hook your readers. Adding this baby to my TBR pile.

Wendy_Ely said...


I really like the Sam character. His imperfections make him wonderful and the connection between them believable! Thanks for sharing a sample of this book!

I'm curious to find out what happens with them!

Mark Alders said...

Thanks Alisha! That made my day *giggle* Jay, the editor at eXtasy suggested I post that bit as the excerpt--seems to have worked. Thank you so much *hugs 'o plenty*

Hey, Wendy, thanks a lot! None of my characters are perfect--far from it. I like to keep characters as realistic as possible. Sam is one of my favourite characters in this story (other than Mama and Johnny) So what happens between them? well...



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