Friday, August 6, 2010

Fighting pirate sites

For the past few days, I’ve been sending messages to different pirate sites. Yeah, I found out that the same day my new book Wolf’s Soul was released, a pirate site released it, too. Since that day, Google Alerts had been sending me messages where the book (and my backlist) were uploaded (inside and outside the country). I believe download sites, like a web, spread copies of my books to different pirate sites. Kind of like blogging. When you blog, your posts would show up on whatever blog that was following your blog.


So who would’ve done it? I don’t know. But someone told me that pirate site owners always check for good reads and best sellers, books that they believe would drive traffic to their sites once they upload them.


For the first time, I signed up to  these sites (you must be a member to access the download link). I was so surprised to see how easy it was to download my book. My computer took only a minute, if not, less to download a copy. Sad.


I could be wrong but these sites must be thriving due to enormous amount of promos/ adverts they have on the download pages.


Fighting these pirate sites would be a never ending battle. But if sending them an email worked, I’ll keep doing it. One site replied that my book will be taken down. Good news.


Anyway, being cheated this way will not going stop me from doing what I love to do—writing. There are so many good people out there who prefers to read their own books. Copies that they paid for.


To those of you who purchased my book, thank you so much!



Wolf’s Soul

Best selling paranormal romance

Available from Red Rose Publishing

Tierney O’Malley


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