Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Is Fading...

But not fast enough! Man! If I have to hear the weatherman chuckle one more time when he mentions another record week of triple digits! Ugh!

Two more weeks until school starts! This is a big year for my two girls. My oldest daughter is starting high school and my youngest daughter is starting 1st grade. It will be quiet around the house with just me and my baby boy. But hey, that leaves more time for writing. Yippee! 20,000 more words and I will wrap up my current WIP. Mark, please send me your muse for a day or two! Please, mate?

What did all of you do over the summer? I'd love to hear your summer memories?



Tierney said...

Hi Alisha,

School starts Sept. 1 for us. I'm kind of excited. :D
Summer...let's see. We went to Yellowstone National Park (we had a wonderful time). Went to Victoria, Canada. Awesome place. Drove to Tofino, hiked up to a cove then walked over to an island (West coast of the Pacific)where we scattered my father in-laws's ashes. Oh, and we rebuild our back deck. So out summer is pretty hectic.
I try to write a few pages here and there. 30k more and I'll be done with my current WIP. :D


Anonymous said...

Alisha, you can have some of my muse. Mine's a hard task master.




Alisha Paige said...

What an awesome summer, Tierney!

Thanks for the muse, Mark. I will send him back if he gets too out of control..lol!

Hugs to you both,

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