Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why I Hate Car Shopping

10. So many models and colors to choose from.

9. After a while all the cars start to look and feel the same.

8. Only twice in my life have I found what I wanted exactly on the lot - Ok - maybe three times.

7. Haggling.

6. Financing v. Leasing

5. "You want how much down?"

4. Test driving the vehicle with salesman in the car hanging over back seat like a six year old saying, "Are we there yet?"

3. The endless schleping to the lots to look.

2. Salesmen.

1. Dealer incentives to get you into the dealership that they have no intentions of ever honoring. Fuckers!


Darla M Sands said...

This reminds me why I keep the same car for years and years. Best of luck. Cheers!

Julie said...

Yeah, you've pretty much covered it. But I have a semi-solution to the hassles. I deal with a car broker. Yes, I still have to go to the lots and drive the cars and decide exactly what I want, including color. But once I do, I call my car broker and she takes it from there. She has contacts with tons of fleet managers and gets the best deal, then calls me back with the price.

Most of the time, it's without any cap reduction. Sometimes there's even no security fee. She just gives me the bottom line of total price, residual value, end buy price and monthly payment, including tax. If it's okay (and it always is), the credit app is faxed to me. I fill out, fax back to dealer.

Most of the time, they'll deliver the car to me. I sign the papers and voila! It's done.

It's worth every penny of the fee I pay to her not to have to haggle with the dealership. And I can relatively easily test drive the cars, knowing that there's no way I'm buying/leasing that day.

Kate Pearce said...

I have a secret weapon-my husband. He loves cars- spends weeks researching them all and takes me round all the dealerships makes me test drive and make a decision then the fun part for him which is doing the deal. I can't watch. He's been known to make a grown man cry as he squeezes every last penny out of them. lol

Natasha Moore said...

Kate Pearce - I want to bring your hubby with next time I'm car shopping.

Kat, you are so right! I hate the games they play! I just paid off my car and I hope it lasts for YEARS.

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