Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who to tell...

Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile. If you've ready my posts from the past you might remember the education dilemma I was in for awhile... not knowing which major to pick or which school to transfer to. Well, I picked a school closer to home and have picked a major (paralegal!). This program is keeping me so dang busy!

Anyway, on to the point of my blog post. I am just finishing up my English class. All the students in the class knows I'm a published author and gets excited when we have to partner-up. My teacher didn't understand this for awhile and every day my classmates urged me to tell her about being published. I didn't. I got my papers back and she'd leave comments like "excellent" or "you have a gift for story telling".

Three weeks into the class I decided to tell her. She was shocked and said "I knew you had a gift!" She is writing her first romance novel so it gave us plenty to talk about. So where is the problem in this? The morning I told her was a day that I had a big paper due. She got her pretty little purple pen out and marked the crap out of my paper! She handed it back to me and said, "Wendy, I know that you want to improve your writing so I decided to be a little harder this time." Yeah thanks! That was the exact reason why I didn't want to tell her. Do I regret it now? I certainly don't because I learned more after that.

I've realized that when people know I'm a published author they treat me differently so it isn't uncommon for me to keep it to myself for awhile when I first meet someone. So I ask you: if you are a writer or author, do you keep it a secret to certain people? Why?

Talk to you soon,
Wendy Ely


Gracen Miller said...

I'm a paralegal as well. I have a degree in paralegal and it is a fun and rewarding career. It's fast paced and sometimes comes with a high stress level, but I love the work. I work from home now, but I worked in an office setting for 10 little to no stress now except for meeting deadlines. If you can deal with attorney egos--not all of them are egotistical, but you will meet a lot of them that are--then you'll be fine.

Best of success in school!


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