Time and time again I hear people complain about romance being too sweet. On heaps of review sites I see the same words: story was too sweet. I say, what's wrong with that? If that's what the story is supposed to be, how can it be anything else?

Too much our lives are filled with hate and hurt and bad things happening every day. Just turn on the news, there's your proof. Why do you think romance sells so well? Because it's needed. Sweet is needed.

Sure, we need real life stories. Stories of the human condition, of trials and tribulations. But you know what? Every now and again, it's great to sit down and read a sweet story. One that makes you feel warm inside.

Here's a cute video showing just that and done to Taylor Swift's song "You Belong With Me." Awwww. Now I need some hot choclate and marshmellows :-)