Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gothic Romances- Just a Few Thoughts

One part horror, one part mystery/suspense and another part romance. Who wouldn't fall in love with a plot so rich in moody landscapes and spine chilling atmosphere? Some of our most endearing classics were gothics. Jane Eyre and Wurthering Heights anyone?

With the proliferation of paranormal romances of every shape-shifter, vamp and witch imaginable is it any wonder that a move would begin to lean back towards those senationalist novels of old and try to recapture the moodiness and angst.

I read about a year ago that editors were looking for more gothic romances. Really? I could sink some teeth into that. Of course, writing a modern gothic presents a little more challenge today than it did before the jaded and often cynical world of the technology age. First of all, it's harder to find a heroine who still contains that wide-eyed innocense and make her believable. There really are limited backgrounds to pull from there and the way is fraught with a feild of cliched landmines. The broody hero who has a past that haunts him. Well, what if we shake that up a bit and make the heroine broody and the hero all innocent and sweet. He can rise to the occasion and protect the heroine, sure. Maybe when she's least expecting it., I'll have to think about that.


Gracen Miller said...

Good luck writing your gothic romance, Kate! I just finished something that I think falls into this genre, but it's slated to be a series. I love this type of writing, can sink my teeth into writing it, and LOVE reading it just as much. So, I definitely would love to see editors taking this path.

Best of success, Kate.

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