Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been two weeks since I've returned from D.C. and the RWA conference and I still haven't seen the light of day. I came home to 2 galleys, first edits, a synopsis, 5 contest entries of 60 pages each —all of which has to be done asap. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't do them all at once. Oh, and plus, I have to work at my paying job.

Sheesh. What's a writer to do?


Yeah, like that doesn't want to make my head explode. Since the hard deadline was for the contests. I tackled them first. One a day for five days. Check. Read through galley number 3 (or is it 4) for Immorati. Check. Started on edits for High Octane - with major blocks of information added. Check. Started on galley 2 for Tin Gods. Check. Piddled with synopsis. Checkarooni.

Had family visit from Michigan. Check.

Wait! That wasn't on the original list. Back up the bus.

Yes, into this chaos, we had visitors. My work was pushed back a few more days. But that's cool, I really like these family members and we all had a good time.

Needless to say, I'm still working on the synopsis. As a matter of fact, I should be working on it right now. But I'm not. I'm here writing my blog I've been neglecting. And my desktop computer is acting up. Running slow. The big fan keeps going on and off. I'm afraid the thing is going to go out on me. I keep telling it, I bought the new laptop for ease in front of the living room tv. That it isn't going to be hooked up to the internet. It doesn't believe me. I'm going to have to see about loading all my hard drive files into my off-site email account and onto disks. Just in case.

This is soooo not good.

I'm feeling the stress.

It's only a matter of time before I spontanously combust.

I'll let you know next week how things are going.

Until then, sign me

-Desperate in Duluth.


Tierney said...

Hi Kate,

How was the conference? I've never been to one.
Busy? Hahaha I am beginning to believe that I was born with a twin--Busy.
I am so looking forward to going back to school. Summer is always my busiest season. No time for writing. Not time for my self.

You can handle the deadline. ;)

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