Saturday, August 1, 2009

One of those weeks...

Instead of coming up with something original, I reposted this blog here today since it was late being posted at my other blog. Apologies if you're already read it, but hopefully you understand after the week I've had.


It’s been one of those weeks. Have you ever felt like you were going crazy? Or were too busy to think clearly? That’s been my week. It started off with my son injuring himself at football practice. While the doctor’s don’t believe he broke his wrist, the fact that he’s complaining of pain over a growth plate is cause for concern apparently. So, he received a nice, bright red cast on his arm. We go back next Wednesday to remove the cast, x-ray it again and reassess.

That doesn’t get you out of football practice though. Oh, no, apparently there is plenty he can learn even though he cannot catch the ball or tackle anyone. Between both my boys, I am at football practice six days a week. I’m developing a hatred for football right about now and it’s just begun. *curls into a tight ball and whimpers* In fact, we're practicing today bright and early at 8:30 a.m.

Amidst all the football practice, we’ve had karate classes this week because my boys are scheduled to test next week. Yes, we need to add one more sport into my household. Say, ‘Brain the Mom’ sounds like something I could really enjoy right about now. Yes, that was dry sarcasm and no, I really don’t want to play it. But…give me another week and I may brain myself. ;-)

I registered my oldest son for middle school Wednesday and three hours and three-freaking-hundred dollars later, he’s officially a middle schooler. You know the cost of registration roughly came out to one hundred dollars an hour. Who knew middle school was so expensive. And this is my free public education!!! Wow…is amazed…how much would it cost if I had to pay for it? *yes, more dry sarcasm*

On top of that, I’ve been cleaning all week…kind of like spring cleaning in the summer. It’s long overdue, but I’m exhausted and running on fumes, I’m ready to kill half my family, they’re probably ready to kill me and I’m told tonight that my in-laws are coming in the morning!! *bangs head against the wall* I don’t mind them coming, I truly don’t, but a little more notice would have been appreciated! Enough notice so I’d have known to actually sweep and mop the floors, or clean the guest bedroom.

Yesterday I forgot to post my blog at Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem until fellow blogger reminded me that it was Friday and NOT, in fact, Thursday. *facepalm* Maybe I should place an ad in the newspaper....“Hardworking Desperate Mom needs a new LOW maintenance family”. Eh...I doubt I'd get any bidders. :-/ I'd be better off screaming “Calgon…take me away!” Probably have a better chance of that happening. Or better yet…*giggles evilly*...I'd rather scream, “Jensen Ackles, take me away!!!!” *sighs dreamily at the naked fantasies that scamper through my head*

*hears a whip snap and bolts straight up in the chair* Right…back to work!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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