Monday, August 24, 2009

Release day! Almost here!

Well, this is an exciting week for me. My book Love Can Be Murder will be released from The Wild Rose Press on Wednesday!

It’s so amazing. It feels like it’s been forever since I signed that contract, yet it feels like it was only yesterday, too. So much has happened, yet nothing has either. I’m excited, yet scared. Hard to believe I could have so many conflicting emotions going on at once. :D I tell you, I feel like I’ve been run through the wringer with all these feelings stirring around inside. All in all, I think the excitement has won out.

A little about the book…

Alexander Forsytheʼs house is haunted. One wouldn’t think a hundred and three year old vampire would let a little ghost bother him, but this particular house guest has outstayed her welcome.

Alex detests witchcraft, but after discovering his ghost, Abbie, is the ancestor of the local witch, Willow Cowan, his choices are limited. Alex calls on Willow to help evict his ghostly tenant, but he begins to wonder if the sexy spell-caster might be more trouble than the ghost.

Willow thinks Alex needs her magical abilities to remove the spirit from his house. What she doesnʼt realize is that his specter is her long lost ancestor. Sheʼs not sure she wants to help the gorgeous vampire in his ghost hunt, until she sees a long lost family heirloom on display in Alexʼs house.

Alex is adamant that the necklace belongs to him.. Itʼs been in his family since it was created for the wife of a distant ancestor. The necklace had been given to every wife of the first born son. Heʼs reluctant to give away his precious heirloom to a witch.

Can they learn to work together and get past their differences? Or will Abbie be the one obstacle they can’t remove?

You can check it out at The Wild Rose Press. Remember, it’s available on Wednesday August 26, 2009!

For more information on me and what I'm working on, stop by my website. I'd love the company!


Wendy_Ely said...

Sierra, I'm so proud of you! I remember us both sitting on yahoo msg'er chatting about what it would be like if we got contracts! Look at where we are a year later ;)

You're awesome!

Sierra Wolfe said...

Awww, thanks! You're so sweet!

Mark Alders said...

OMG! That's such awesomeness!!!

Alisha Paige said...

Woot...woot...woot! Congrats! Yayyy...tomorrow is the big day! Celebrate and tell us what you did!


Gracen Miller said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so proud and excited for you! It's an awesome book and it deserved to be published! More than that, you're an amazing person and you deserve this!!!

Love ya, girl!!!!


Tierney O'Malley said...

Yey! Sierra Wolfe! Oh yeah, baby, your book is OUT! Alisha, take that wine bottle out. Mark, where are the boxes of chocolates. Friends, we have to celebrate!

Congrats, Sierra.



Sierra Wolfe said...

Haha! Thanks everyone! My daughter and I went out to eat, had a horrible dinner at Cracker Barrel, but at least they gave it to us for free. That was about all the celebrating we did. :D

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