Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hell Spawned Weeks


My apologies for not posting last Saturday, which I have dubbed the week as “spawned from the pits of hell”. Nothing went right. Honestly, so much went wrong that I was starting to wonder what else could happen. It started with my telephone lines crashing , which meant my internet was spotty, coming and going. Then my neighbor called my son a liar on Monday. Even though he had two people verifying his side of the story, she still chose to believe her son over mine. Then to add insult to injury, Friday my cat tripped me and I spilled coffee all over my laptop. In less time than it takes to draw a panicked gasp, everything I’d worked on was gone in the poof of an instant. My husband didn’t even have the good sense to be duly sympathetic, but instead his idea of a pep talk was, "Get a grip! No one's dead!" *gives him a ferocious glare* He’s lucky he didn’t become dead.

So...because of my shoddy internet, my neighbor being a crazy bitch, my computer fiasco and my cat's unforeseen continued survival—kidding!...well, mostly since I can't look at her without bitching up a storm and threatening to kill her in a dozen different slow and painful ways—I lacked the mental capacity to post on Saturday.

My phones were fixed sometime Saturday afternoon and I discovered while I missed the consistency of internet, I had NOT missed my phone ringing. I called Dell on Monday, they were supposed to ship a box to me so that I could in turn ship my computer to them to be fixed. Yesterday (Friday) rolls around and still NO box. I was ready to commit murder by then. Everything I had worked on the day before my computer spill was not backed up, so until my computer is fixed, I have no way of knowing if any of it is still on my hard drive. Each day that Dell drags their slow ass is another day of not knowing the outcome of my work, which has me on the fast track to insanity. So, yeah, murder to a Dell agent in my next novel is hitting the top ten of my priority list right about now.

I wasted another hour of my life on the phone with Dell to discover that there was no history of my ever calling on Monday. The Dell agent murder just hit #1 on the list of my next kills and in fact that may become the title of my new homicide novel. Yeah, okay, I am kidding, but seriously that confirmation number did me absolutely no good! Grrr…. So, now I have a new confirmation number (I have little to no faith in it at this point) and another guaranteed box coming my way on Monday (right, I’ll believe it when I see it).

But, this week hasn’t been totally bad. I’ve learned how to work my online backup storage system. It doesn’t help me with the work that wasn’t backed up, but it’s a hell of a lot better than nothing. And I received an e-mail from Ellora’s Cave Submission department notifying me that I made it through the first round and my novel WytchBlood has been sent to an editor for further review. Now, it’s obviously not an acceptance, but I feel a form of accomplishment that I made it through the first round even if they turn me down sometime during the next six months.

My apologies for my murderous mood today. I hope everyone has an awesomely wicked weekend. My Saturday will be spent at the football field in the Southern sweltering sun. I’m melting just thinking about it. *fans self*

Note: All photos pulled from Photobucket and no copyright infringement is intended.


Sierra Wolfe said...

Big hugs for your bad week. Congrats on the good things that did happen! Hope next week is better for you!

Mark Alders said...


Great cat pics :-)

Alisha Paige said... had an awful week. I want to murder your other half. No one died..yet. Funny, funny pics!!!!

Did the box arrive?

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

rofl @ Alisha. That made two of us. I wanted to murder my other half too. lol He survived...just barely. And YES I received the box this past Monday!!! Woot! Now...the waiting begins. *whimpers*

The cat pictures actually cheered me up a bit when I posted them even though they did reflect my mood at that moment. lol I promise I am not normally a violent minded person...normally!! lol

Mark....where's my chocolate with that hug? lol

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