Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Contest Story Results and Halloween Fun!


Congratulations to Deidre Durance! She wins a Halloween tin of chocolate and candy coated pretzles from Figi's! I just loved her sexy Halloween Story! Here it is! Enjoy!

Halloween Story

I sighed as I slipped into my pink and black striped stockings. I thought of his hand on my ankle, holding it with this thumb, feeling my pulse as he kissed the tender warm skin, sending chills through me. A tear slid off my fake golden lashes and snaked across my flushed cheeks. I watched as it fell from my chin, dripping into my soft stockings, leaving a spot of hot pink. I sniffed as I buckled my witch shoes to my feet. I stood, walking to my vanity to place my feathered witch hat on my shiny black wig. He'd never recognize me tonight and I refused to skip Cleo's annual Halloween party because he would be in attendance. I applied blood red lipstick and smiled at the witch in the mirror, grabbed my velvet purse and headed out the door.

The night was chilly, but it felt good to the sensitive flesh exposed by my skimpy black minidress. I was met at the door by someone dressed as Frankenstein. His costume looked expensive and I had to wonder what he did for a living. That was the wonderful thing about these parties, getting to be someone or something else. Who knows, the Wolf Man dancing beside me could be an accountant and the lady dressed as Elvira might be a librarian by day. The anonymity was intoxicating to me.

I spied a vampire standing at the punch bowl dipping the red liquid and pouring it into his skulll encrusted mug. Could it be him? I watched him walk away and realized that it couldn't be, I would recognize my one-time lover's walk. Feeling frustrated, I glided out to the designated dance floor and began to lose myself to the music. The strains of Marilyn Manson's version of Sweet Dreams are Made of These accompanied the grinding of my hips. I could feel that I was being watched and it made me even bolder. I dipped my lower body towards the floor knowing that it would afford my watcher an amazing view of my ass and maybe more since I didn't bother to pull a thong on with my super short dress. As I slowly lifted myself up, I glanced behind me to see a man dressed as the devil eyeing me with interest. How appropriate, considering that I was feeling wicked myself. I straightened and turned around keeping my moves smooth but allowing myself a better look at him. It was obvious that he was a perfect specimen of what any woman would die to have a piece of. He was wearing black from head to toe with the exception of the blood red vest that fit him like a glove. He had the most luxurious long dark hair that I had ever seen. I ached to bury my fingers in it, reveling in the feel of it. I began to feel a heat flow through me that although it felt delicous, had nothing to do with the exertion of my movements. I sensed it was coming from this stranger who pinned me with his electric blue eyes. I broke free from his gaze for only a moment and when I looked back, he was standing in front of me. I was startled, but accepted his hand when offered for a dance. Was it a coincidence that the song that was playing was Devil Inside by INXS? I began to think that this was more than a man and I wasn't sure if I should be frightened or embrace this feeling creeping through me. I embraced him instead and felt the strength of his arms as he encircled my body with his own. He leaned down and I tensed, not knowing his intentions. He placed the most gentle of kisses upon my neck. I shivered from that butterfly in my stomach feeling as his lips traced up to my lips and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Something felt so forbidden about our encounter, yet so right at the same time. My old lover was forgotten as I became enraptured in my devil man's arms. He whispered into my ear that he wanted to find a place to talk. I simply nodded my head and leaned into him as we walked towards the door. All of the partygoers flitted from my mind so that I hardly noticed them at all as we descended the steps. As soon as we were in the darkness he pulled me close and the world fell away. I opened my eyes to find myself standing inside the most decadent home I had ever seen. There had been few words between us so far and I adhered to that by imploring him with my eyes. He bestowed upon me a wicked smile as he explained to me that he was truly the Devil and that we were destined to be together, pre-ordained to rule together in Hell. Imagine my surprise to find that I was delighted with this news. I always knew that I was fated for great things.

And that my darling children, is how I met your father.

Wasn't that a yummy little story? Now I'll leave all you wicked bloggers with some funny Halloween pics! I had a book signing on Halloween at a cool wine bar. I dressed as a witch and read palms during my signing.

And look at my little trick or treaters! Two bumble bees and a lady bug!

~Have a great week!


Mark Alders said...

That was a great story, and deserving of the win!



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