Saturday, November 21, 2009

What are you thankful for????

I apologize for not posting last Saturday. I was stuck at football games all day and when I arrived home the last thing on my mind was coming here and posting a blog. But, one son lost in the playoffs and my other son plays in the championship game tonight!! It's the first time his team has ever made it to a championship game, so he is excited and pumped up, ready to play. Me, I'm nervous as hell! LOL I guess that's the duty of a mom, we get the nerves. :D

My blog today, however, is about what we're thankful for. It’s kind of sad that we need a holiday to share the things we’re thankful for, but I think with the rush of life, sometimes we get lost in living and forget to appreciate all that we have. So, in honor of Thanksgiving next week, I’m going to list the things I’m thankful for:

My family. I have the perfect family. *cheeky grin* My family is perfect for me and perfect in their heads only. But, seriously, from my two sons to my husband they bring me joy each and every day. From the seriousness of my oldest son to the goofiness of my youngest son, my life is as near perfect as it can become. My husband and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage on November 30th, but we started dating when I was 17. We’ve been together a total of 20 years, more than half my life. Through all those years, even during the hard times, I’ve never regretted marrying him at the young age of 20. I’m a paralegal and I’ve worked many years with divorce cases, so I know our marriage could have gone sour, but somehow we’ve been able to keep the marriage alive. I am very thankful for our determination and commitment to keeping our marriage intact, part of that was growing together and making each other a priority. We still have date nights and enjoy one another’s company.

My friends, which includes both my internet friends and physically touchable friends. They’re both a huge source of support and I cannot imagine my life without any of them. My greatest wish would be to meet my internet friends in person.

My writing. It’s what keeps me sane, keeps me grounded and stabilizes my moods. Without my writing, I wouldn’t be fit to socialize. Writing is like a high-caliber drug or a meditation technique because writing calms me, erases the worries, puts my soul at peace and I never have to get out of my PJ’s to do it! And how awesome to be able to say “I killed someone today” and not go to jail for it!! LOL I also like the adventure of playing god and breathing life into my own little world of characters. That “god factor” is such a rush!

Noble Romance Publishing and the fact that they took a chance on me and published my book, Elfin Blood. My wish is that I won’t make you regret taking that chance!

My four-legged daughters, Rossi and Bama. They offer me comfort and love even when I’m a bear to live with. And when I’m at my worst, they have a way of bringing me back down to reality and pulverizing my moodiness.

The final thing I’m thankful for….COFFEE!! I am not a morning person, so coffee is the only concoction that makes me bearable in the morning. My advice, don’t speak to me before I’ve had at least two heaping cups of the dark, delectable brew! :D

You don’t have to be American to be thankful for something. So tell us all what you’re thankful for this year?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and tell at least one person how thankful you are for them. I promise it’ll make you feel better!


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