Friday, November 13, 2009

I am raising the bar!

When I started writing seriously ( when I actually sat down for hours and tried to finish a draft), all I could think about was to see my name on a book cover.  After I landed a contract with Cobblestone Press and finally saw my name on the cover, I began to put in more hours into my writing. Like tasting chocolate ice cream on a cone, I wanted another lick. I wanted my second book. I was lucky enough to make it happen. eXtasy Books contracted six of my books and three with Red Rose Publishing.

But now, I want more than just seeing my name on the cover. Recently, my latest release, Wicked Proposal ,reached number seventeen (by the time you read this blog, it could possibly slipped down or moved up) on Fictionwise’s erotic romance sub-genre.  It is a best seller (number five)among the eXtasy Books published on Fictionwise. I am so happy. Maybe to some that’s not a big deal. But to me it is. And I got to thinking, I like this. So now, my goal is to write a best seller. Go after quality and not quantity.

Wicked Proposal-Feature Friday at Dark Diva Reviews

Dark Diva, Deb, rated Wicked Proposal 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read! My excerpt is posted here Please check it out. Leave a message for a chance to win a copy of Wicked Proposal. With all of the sterling reviews, I can safely say that you won't be disappointed spending a few minutes of your time reading this book.




Wicked Night Before Christmas, available December 1, 2009

Her Christmas wish came true-unwrapped,undeniably sexy, gorgeous, and totally wicked.


He tried to make her his…


Lucas McLeod fell in love with his sister’s best friend who enjoys bantering with him. He is fighting the urge, the temptation to cross the fine line between friendship and lovers. But Lucas lost. When he succumbs to passion and makes love with her, he knows she is the one he wants to grow old with. Before he leaves for Florida, he gives her his promise. He will be back.


She tried to ignore him…


Cara Saint Regis is devastated when Lucas, her best friend’s brother and the man she believes will come back for her, arrives in the cabin with his high school sweetheart instead. Worse, she catches them French kissing. A few days before Christmas, Cara’s heartache turns into a blinding jealousy and anger—but deep inside her heart, her love and desire remains strong and true.


Will love, passion, and the spirit of holidays help them reunite in time to celebrate Christmas?


Being around Cara is a test. Her nearness inflames his desire. Their closeness reminds him of what he’s been missing—her touch, smile, and her kisses. He misses her. Lucas wonders if his burning need to be with her again can wait until Christmas eve to answer the wish she wrote on the paper and hung on the Christmas tree—a wicked night before Christmas.


Hope to see you at Dark Diva Reviews.

Tierney O'Malley


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