Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looking Back and Edging Forward

All right, I'll admit it, I'm kind of open-minded when it comes to my beliefs and things that are possible in the physical and metaphysical worlds. As part of my on-going challenge to keep my mind uncluttered and open up to writing—since I've been so blocked lately—I agreed to participate in an exercise called a soul path clearance. Last Wednesday, a friend and I drove down to another friend's house who is a psychic healer and ordained minister. We each took turns sitting in the consultation chair and learning not only aboutthe injuries to our auras, but negative energies that were draining our power. I learned I'd lived 835 lives before this one. Now, reincarnation has been a concept I've believed in strongly since...well...forever. I've never had to have the concept explained to me, because even as a child I knew what it meant or at least that I'd lived before. So, this is really my jumping off point for today's blog. Reincarntaion.

For me, having someone tell me I lived so many lives isn't enough. When it came to the question and answer portion of the reading, I of course wanted to know all about my previous selves. I am, after all, the sum of all the parts my soul has been before. I believe we are each here for a purpose or have lessons to learn, so why do we not know more about where we were and what we did before. It'd sure save a lot of heartache and aggrevation, you know? I mean, think about it. Each life you have to learn some of the same lessons over and over again. (I'm talking about the life experiences of teen angst and getting some age on you.) Why are those hard lessons learned in our tender years not saved and recycled along with our souls? Is it because each life takes place in a different age and the lessons we learn are appropriate for time period. Let's face it, some of the things teens are going through now, I can't even imagine going through when I was in high school and that was only 25 years ago.

I'm not one of those people who believed she was ever someone famous. I'm actually very suspicious of people who say they were. I may have had money or moved in influential circles, but I don't believe I'd ever find my past lives in history books. But that's fine with me, there are some very interesting people out there who will never make history books, that doesn't make their lives any less important or significant. However, I'd really love a glimpse into who I was. How was I different? How was I the same? Did I at least have money? Hehehehhe.....sorry, I had to go there with that. I must have vowed poverty for this lifetime, or at least finacial hardship. Sigh.

So, what do I see ahead of me by looking behind? I don't really know. I'll leave the prognostication to those who are truly gifted. I just wish I had the information to not repeat the same mistakes over and over. According to my consultation I don't learn very well as I've been hanged 7 times, decapitated twice. Died by mace in the chest twice. Strangled 8 times. Had my throat cut 7 times. Died by fire too many times to count (is it any wonder that to this day I walk around asking if anyone else smells something burning?) I've had a scimitar thrust through the kidney once and died by choking twice. I'm sure there are some really good story ideas in all those unhappy demises somewhere.

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Sierra Wolfe said...

Interesting topic today, Kat. I've often wondered about reincarnation. I don't necessarily feel like I've been around before, but who knows, maybe I have. My mom believes she may have been reincarnated before. She told me once about having "memories" of another life when she was just a little child. Too young to even know about the things she remembered. We've discussed this several times in the past. I would like to have a reading sometime to see what they say about me. I'd also love to find out about my aura. It would be very interesting to learn some of these things about myself. I'm an eternal searcher, constantly looking for clues into my soul.

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your post!


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