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Rebecca Rose Interview and a peek at Divine Turmoil!

Hey, everyone! Today I have a first time guest at Wicked Thorn and Roses! Her name is Rebecca Rose and will be giving away an ebook copy of her new novel Divine Turmoil! I'm one lucky girl because I get to read her interesting book. Want a copy? Leave a comment and someone will be picked later today.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

First I want to say thank you to Wendy Ely and her friends at Wicked Thorn and Roses for inviting me over. This was so much fun and I hope to do it again sometime. Everyone is so gracious and excepting of the newbie who's still feeling her way around. :)

Gosh, I was young and I can't really say when I knew. There was always inspirational sayings and quotes hung up all over my room. I'd write poetry and tell stories all the time but it wasn't until 9th grade when my English teacher helped me work with my dyslexia that I really started writing. It became an escape for me when I wasn't getting into trouble. LOL

How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends on my muse. My first took me ten months, second took years, third four weeks! I'm hoping some day I'll find a happy medium but I'm a very sporadic person and the mood has to hit me, so I don't see that happening.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

LOL When ever the kids, or cretins as we like to call them, allow me to write! I try for all day Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, Fridays after work and sometime on Saturday if everyone is behaving themselves. I used to write at night and stay up until the wee hours but now that everyone is in school I reserve that portion of the day for family. Us writers can be a secluded bunch and sometimes I find myself not wanting to be around anyone but Bertha (my laptop) so I make sure to have some family time everyday.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Oh boy. I'm a quirky person so let me think about that. Hhhmmm.... no one can read what I'm writing, no matter what it is, until I'm finished. Emails, stories, letters, anything. I'm very protective. The only person I let read my stuff is a friend and fellow writer Lorettajo Kapinos. I trust her completely and she'll say, "Becc, its crap." and I don't take offense to it.

Where do you ideas for your books?

Music. I rarely watch TV and so music is my inspiration. Trisha Yearwood has a song, 'This is Me Your Talkin To'. It's a little sad and I have to wonder how did these two people end up apart when they still love each other? What's holding them back that they can't be together? Its a question I'm going to answer in the next year because it bothers me so.

When did you write your first book?

About six years ago. I was pregnant with our youngest. For years I made excuses for not writing a book. Talked about it all the time but never did it. Then one day my client Lou (I'm a part-time hairdresser) said that I'll never write it. BAM! That night I started it. Looking back I realize I made excuses for years like, Well, life hasn't let me write. But they were just that, excuses. If you want something bad enough then just do it. It's a wonderful feeling when you finish a labor of love.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Mess with my kids! lol And believe me its very mutual. I've found fake but real looking insects closed in my laptop, in my briefcase, and my shoes. It's never quiet here. I also like to read, although I don't do nearly enough of it anymore.

What does your family think of your writing?

My husband likes to proudly tell people, Hey, my wife's a Romance Writer. I can only imagine where that conversation goes from there! My kids think it's cool and so do their friends; even though they can't read any of my novels for at least 10 years! The rest of my family, and there is a lot of them, love it. They've all been very supportive.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

You mean besides how dirty minded I can be? LOL I even surprised myself! I'm a multi-tasker so for me to sit and actually give something my full attention from beginning to end was surprising. Even now I'm looking out the window, sipping coffee, talking to my youngest and asking my husband how to spell words. I'm a terrible speller. I was also surprised at how I'm able to give each character their own distinct personality and accent. I can't tell you how many times I've read a book and all the character seemed to be the same person or they were flat. This usually leads me to read one more novel by them and if it's the same, I skip reading anything else by them for a few years. Everyone deserves a second chance.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I've actually written four. The Divine Series and a stand alone called Noble Deception. While Divine Turmoil is my favorite and first baby to come out, I have to say I'm excited with Noble Deception. There's something about the characters and how forbidding love with soul mates has my heart swell. Its one of those books you sit back and say to yourself, Wow. This is going to be great!

What do you think makes a good story?

Plot, characters, sex. With the plot you need a story that intrigues you, scares you, and makes you wonder what will happen next. The characters pull you in to feel their emotions whether sad, happy, confused, or scared. Sex. Really, do I have to explain this one? lol Okay, the pull between characters is important. Two people can't just fall into love or bed without the all crucial element of attraction. It make the emotions of the characters stronger and the plot more alive. Or thicker. LOL

Can you tell us about any upcoming books?

I would but then I'd have to kill you. :) No really I have Divine Redemption and Divine Valor the second and third novels in the Divine Series coming up for contract. In these two I tell the tale of Jacqueline and Gabriel Allen. Both were so much fun to write. I actually wrote Valor, before Redemption. I just really needed to get Gabriel's story out. Yeah it was backwards but when I finished the whole series I understood why I did it.

Where can readers find more information about you or your books?You can find me at own website one I was happily invited to join, Soul Circle

Blurb of Divine Turmoil:

Together Brian and Serena learn the heart won't wait for the right moment to fall in love and second chances are divine gifts of forgiveness meant for ourselves as much as each other.

And an excerpt:

The rest of the week passed in a blur. Serena was too busy between visiting her mother and preparing to bring her home from the hospital to even think about Brian. Or at least dream about him as much as she wanted to.
When Sunday arrived, Serena was thankful. She had plans to join her sister Hope’s family in going to the town fair and eat lots of foods high in fat and calories. They’d play some games that no one usually wins, and then watch the fireworks while sitting on a blanket in the giant field. The fireworks were always her favorite part of the fair. She could sit on the ground as the air cooled after the hot day, and relax. She’d sip some ice-cold beverage, talk and rest while her niece played on the playscape near by.
When the knock came on the screen door, Serena happily yelled an enthusiastic, “Come in! I’m down the hall!” Given she’d spent the morning making sure the yard was in the best shape possible for her mother’s arrival the next afternoon, she was running a little late and still getting dressed after her shower. Serena was just pulling on her shirt when she heard Brian’s voice.
“Hey, babe. I’ve come to join you, Hope and Will.” Brian walked right into Serena’s room, since the door had been left open.
Serena caught a glimpse of the heat rising in Brian’s cheeks before he turned his back to her. God, he’s cute was her first thought. “Knocking’s nice, sweetie.”
“I did knock. You told me to come in, remember?”
He was embarrassed, Serena realized. And this wasn’t a man that would embarrass easily.
“Sorry,” Brian said in more of an accusing tone than an apologetic one.
“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before on another woman. Hey,” she said putting a hand on his shoulder, “it’s okay.”
“Sorry,” he said again.
He was watching her so intently, Serena felt heat rise from her toes to wake every nerve in her body. “Really... It’s o...okay.”
“No, it’s not.”
Before she knew what was happening, one of his hands was in her hair, while the other wrapped around her waist, pulling her close. His mouth was savage on hers, and his tongue demanded hers to play. It only took Serena a second to register what was happening. She was becoming a prisoner to Brian’s desires. Without thought, her hands went possessively into his hair and her body responded to his in a violent need.
The world spun away from them. Brian’s lips were full and soft with a mouth teeming of potent flavors. When his hand streaked up Serena’s back, her breath hitched and her hands began to roam, creating a hurricane of sensations that rushed through the both of them. She could feel the tight muscles under his shirt, and whimpered at the thought of feeling them without any barriers. When Serena pressed her nails into Brian’s shoulders, he trembled. This is quickly going to get out of hand, she realized, if I don’t do something.
Brian stepped back at the same time she did. His eyes were glued to her mouth, which was still slightly parted and swollen. He cupped her face and looked intently into her eyes. “My God, Serena, you’re driving me crazy.”
Serena tried to say something, but nothing came out. They both stepped farther away from one another when they heard the rap on the door. Hope’s voice carried through the house as Serena emerged from the hallway trying not to appear like she’d just gotten done doing something naughty.
“You seem a bit pale, Serena. Are you feeling all right?” Whatever she would have said next was lost when Hope saw Brian also emerging from the hall. “Oh! Did I interrupt something?” She gave Serena an accusing look, as if to say ‘I can’t leave you alone for more than a minute without you getting into trouble’. “You’re still planning to come with us, right? You did promise Lizzy.”
“Of course I’m still coming. I don’t know what’s going through that head of yours, but I’m pale because I spent the morning doing the lawn and I’m a little tired.” She gave Hope an insolent glare. “We’ll meet you in the car. I have to find my sandals.”
“Well, make it quick.” With that, Hope tromped out the door.
“That girl could use a vacation and some good ole lusty sex.” Brian nodded his head in agreement with himself.
“She makes me feel like I just got done doing something sinful and got caught by my mother. Damn her!” Serena said in a raised voice.
“Yeah!” Brian said, shaking a fist. “Let’s get her.”
Serena couldn’t help but laugh. It was as if Brian knew exactly what would melt away all the tension. “Come on, Bri,” she said, looping her arm through his after grabbing her sandals. “If we take too long, she’ll think we’re having a quickie.”
Brian raised his eyebrow mischievously. “She has a dirty mind, eh? How about you?”
Serena winked at him. “It runs in the family.”
“I’d like to see what your mind could come up with sometime.”
“I bet you would.”


Thanks for joining us, Rebecca! Remember readers, leave Rebecca a comment and have a chance to get your own newly released copy of Divine Turmoil!

Talk to you soon,

Wendy Ely


s.w. vaughn said...

Great interview, Becc! And I'm so glad my son hasn't thought of leaving me any fake insects or *shudder* spiders... LOL

Sera Rivers said...

Congrats on the interview Becc! The word "delicious" will never sound quite the same from anyone else's lips. You are my favorite romance writer by far!

Rhonda Leah said...

Hi Becc - great interview! Congrats on your release :)

Kimberley said...

Congratulations on the interview and the release! This looks to be a very wonderful book. Can't wait to read it!

sterlingwriter said...

Congratulations on the release. Writing with children is difficult but not impossible. Get them interested in writing their own stories then they can share the joy.

Rebecca Rose said...

Thank you everyone! It was a long rough road but I'm so glad I didn't give up. Actually, I don't think my characters would let me give up on them. LOL

I'm very lucky because my children share the love of writing with me. My daughter has written 4 children's books and my oldest is working on his first novel. It's pretty cool when we get the chance to all sit down together and write.

wendy_ely said...

And the winner is... Kimberley. Please email Rebecca Rose to recieve your copy of Divine Trumoil!

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