Monday, November 9, 2009

Wonderful World of the Web

What an amazing world the internet is. And it is a world unto itself. I was thinking about all the wonderful friends I’ve made online, and how sad I would be if I’d never met them. Every single one of my blog partners, for starters. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without my wonderful partners to share the blog with. They are not just my partners, they are also mentors, critique partners, and friends. I’ve learned something from every one of them.

There are also other groups that I belong to online. Writers groups with like minded people who share their ups and downs, their knowledge, trials, gains and losses. I’ve made so many online friends that it amazes me how authors did it before the internet.

Can you imagine not talking to another author for maybe months at a time? I can’t! I would go completely nuts. It’s a good thing for RWA or some authors might never have gotten to mingle with others in their field. Unless you lived in NYC, I imagine it would have been very difficult to get together with other authors. Especially if you lived in a rural area. The nearest RWA to me is two hours away. There are no other close writers groups. The internet has really closed the gaps that would have separated me from my writing friends.

Not only does it help bring me closer to other writers, the information that I can get online is absolutely amazing. Everything you could possibly want to learn about, you can find on the world wide web. You can research anything you want. Are you writing a book about murder? Maybe you need to find out exactly what substances can do the job without being detected. Are you writing a paranormal? You can learn about all kinds of mystical creatures right from your own computer.

How has the internet helped you with your writing? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great post.
Yeah, the internet has helped with my writing a number of ways. First, I found a crit group through my connections on Facebook. Second, I've met some very talented writers who have become friends and we talk writing (both craft and brainstorming). And third, I get to learn more about the industry through reading posts from agents and editors on both Twitter and FaceBook. It's a great tool. :-)

Sierra Wolfe said...

Thanks Lynn!I'm glad you enjoyed my post today. Thanks for commenting!

Mark Alders said...

I don't think I could live without the internet now. The people I have come to know have both inspired me and enriched my life.



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