Saturday, November 7, 2009

Muse Whammy

Today has been awesome! My son’s played the first of three football games in the championship. It’s a win or out situation. Both won, so they both go to the second round!!!!! I’m still riding on a high!

Now, let’s talk NaNo…Demon Eyes is my story. Only one problem, my muse suddenly decided he didn’t want to write about Demon Eyes, but instead wants to chat about DragonBlood. But I can’t complain because it needs to be written too. I just knew where DemonEyes was going, so was prepared to write it. And I have over 10,000 words already. Yeehaw! LOL

I was stuck on DragonBlood, floundering where to go with it, and the morning of November 1st, I was lazing in bed thinking about my book and suddenly my muse screamed THIS is where DragonBlood is going. After 10,000 words I can’t complain! And I never write by an outline. I wish I could map out my story before I write the first word, but at the beginning of a book, I rarely see anything but the beginning and the end. The middle comes to me as the story is revealed.

Do you ever get whammied by your muse? And, if you’re doing NaNo, how is the writing going for you so far?


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

I get whammied all the time, but it's with ideas, not necessarily where the story is going. I'm a perpetual plotter...though I lean more towards what I call a plotser, somewhere between plotting and pantsing. However, I've often found if a story is pulling me hard enough in one direction, that's the one I need to go in. Glad it's going well for you! That's always a good feeling.


Mark Alders said...

My muse is a bitch! LOL She does what she likes when she likes. I'm surprised we get on :-)



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